Scott Country Pro Staff member Tony Kane on a high tech nocturnal farmyard hunt with Airgun World

The world of night vision and thermal imaging is always changing with new models, enhancements and technology coming to the market place, at a price that is now quite frankly unbelievable, Chris Parkin from Airgun World spends a night with Scott Country Pro Staff member Tony using the latest high end through to entry level kit to see just what is used in the field for professional vermin control.

Tony Kane is commonly know as "the night vision guy" as he possesses more night vision that his wife probably is aware of....but he uses it every night on an array of equipment from precharged FAC air rifles through to rimfire and centrefire.

Chris Parkin from Airgun World shadows Tony on a high tech nocturnal farmyard hunt in this issue, using some of the latest kit in Tony's arsenal.

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Tony's kit list

Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50 £419.99 

Used on rimfire, .17HMR and PCP air rifle for ratting and rabbiting and short range foxing.

Seek Reveal XR Thermal Spotter £419.99 

Ideal for spotting quarry in cover at short range, or for tracking blood trails or picking shot quarry in long grass

Tracer LED Ray F900IR Illuminator £169.99

IR illuminator of choice for the N870 and Photon as it provides more than enough IR for long range shots, but quick power adjustment for short range and scanning.

Pulsar Quantum XD50S Hand Held Thermal Imager £2999.99

Long range spotter for detecting quarry when foxing

Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal Riflescope £3799.99

Long range thermal riflescope which Tony uses for foxing at extended ranges but also for ratting on his PCP for modern pest control

Pulsar Digisight N870 LRF £1499.99

Digital night vision riflescope for foxing at night, but can also be used during the day for troublesome foxes at chicken pens.

You can read the full article in Airgun World this month or visit the Scott Country website for more information on the kit Tony uses.