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Thermal Imaging Accessories

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Thermal Imaging Accessories

View our range of accessories for your hand-held or rifle-mounted thermal imager. This range includes rifle mounts, battery packs, chargers and protective cases. Whether you are requiring an additional battery pack for your Helion XP50, or a neck strap for your Quantum Lite, we have a huge range of accessories to fit the bill.

Picatinny Rail and Riflescope Mounts

Mount your thermal scope on any rifle with the picatinny rail. This rail provides a standard mount for riflescopes including night vision and thermal imaging scopes, for quick attachment and detachment. Alongside this we have a wide range of product-specific riflemounts and scope mounts, including C-clamp mounts, quick-release mounts and the Zeiss DTC-3 Adapter.

Battery Packs and Chargers

You can purchase extra battery packs and chargers for thermal imagers from this range, to support a longer expedition or replace original parts. We stock Pulsar battery pack and Pulsar charger replacements in our Thermal Imaging accessory range.

Protective Case for Thermal Imager

Keep your thermal imaging device safe and protected in an insulated case. Lined with foam padding, all protective cases are hard-shell with clip-locks and handles for ease of transportation. We stock Nanuk Protective Cases for thermal imaging cameras, perfect for organising smaller items such as scopes, battery packs, chargers and memory cards.

Thermal Targets

Zero your new thermal imaging scope with heated thermal targets. These small-diameter adhesive targets help eliminate impact deviations in just a few shots and help calibrate new scopes.