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HikMicro Stellar SH50 Thermal Scope Finance Available
HikMicro Condor CH35L Thermal Imager Finance Available

HikMicro Outdoor manufacturer a range of hand held thermal imaging and thermal riflescopes using the very latest thermal imaging sensors as well as the Alpex and Cheetah digital night vision riflescopes.

HikMicro Alpex digital night vision scopes provide full colour viewing by day switching to night vision at night for a true 24/7 hunting solution.

The latest HikMicro Falcon and HikMicro Raptor hand held thermal imagers are perfect for wildlife observation and for spotting quarry day or night.

Whether you are watching wildlife or hunting , the HikMicro thermal and night vision scope range brings the latest digital day and night vision technology and thermal imaging tech at superb prices.