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Hand Held Thermal Imagers

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Zeiss DTI 1/25 Compact Hand Held Thermal Imager Finance Available
Zeiss DTI 1/19 Compact Hand Held Thermal Imager Finance Available
Zeiss DTI 4/35 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera Finance Available

Zeiss DTI 4/35 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Camera

Available on request

was £2,850.00 £2,280.00

HikMicro Condor CH35L Thermal Imager Finance Available
Infiray Unique UH50 Hand Held Thermal Imaging Monocular Finance Available
Pulsar Telos XQ35 Hand Held Thermal Finance Available
Infiray Zoom ZH50 V2 Hand Held Thermal Imager with Optical Zoom Finance Available
Infiray AFFO AL19 Thermal Imaging Monocular Finance Available

Handheld Thermal Imagers From Leading Brands

View our range of hand-held thermal imaging cameras from leading brands such as Pulsar, Infiray, Guide, Zeiss and Leica, providing the ultimate thermal spotter solution for foxing, wildlife observation and deer stalking.

A hand-held thermal imaging monocular can be used in daylight, low light and complete darkness, even in conditions such as fog, rain, snow or obstacles such as bushes, foliage etc even when traditional night vision struggles to provide an image.

We have partnerships with known brands that make a high-quality hand-held thermal imager for hunting, pest control, wildlife observation, security and surveillance. Pulsar hand-held thermal imagers such as the Pulsar Accolade Pro provide the ultimate in long-range detection and identification and can be used for spotting wildlife, tracking quarry, thermal deer surveys and for surveillance.

Thermal Imagers, such as Pulsar Helion, can be used in poor weather conditions and will detect heat targets even through rain, fog, mist or foliage. Many conservationists are beginning to use thermal imaging for wildlife observation surveys, as these cameras are sensitive enough to provide an accurate understanding of how many of each species are present in long grass, for example.

That’s right, certain hand-held thermal imagers are sensitive enough to changes in temperature that they can produce a detailed enough image for you to identify species and individuals from a distance, such as the Zeiss DTI 3/35 Digital Thermal Imaging Camera. This model has up to 10x high-precision zoom and outstanding optics, as well as extra-long battery life and hot spot tracking capability.

At the lower end of our range, the HikMicro Linx is a small compact unit that fits in the palm of your hand. Even this tiny thermal imager has a wide field of view and a 35mK NETD rating, making it a highly sensitive piece of kit. You can find more handheld thermal imagers under £1000 in our range.

Many of our thermal imaging monoculars and binoculars are available on finance, so you can buy now and pay in instalments over time, putting no level of quality out of reach. Explore our full range of high-quality, hand-held thermal imagers and order online today.