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Thermal Imaging Binoculars

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Thermal Imaging Binoculars and Bi-Oculars

While most of our products are thermal monocular or thermal scope equipment when surveying large areas and long distances, a binocular or bi-ocular system is best.
Thermal binoculars are designed for use over extended periods of time, reducing the eye strain experienced when using monocular scopes. Thermal imaging binoculars also provide enhanced contrast and depth perception, making them ideal for wildlife observation, security, surveillance and more. Perfect for spotting deer at extended ranges for thermal deer counts, and for spotting poachers on large estates.

What’s the difference between binocular and bi-ocular vision?

Binoculars are straightforward: two sets of lenses and optical components for two eyes. each eye looks through a completely independent channel, with advantages in the image achieved. however, these can have disadvantages, the most prominent being expense. a piece of kit requiring two sets of components is often more expensive than something which uses just one set.

In bi-ocular thermal systems, the components generate a single image which is shared by both of the viewer's eyes.

The heat energy reaches the thermal sensor via a single objective lens. this is interpreted into an image by an algorithm and divided between two eyepieces, with the same image being presented to both eyes.
while this technical difference is important to optics specialists like us, many people use the words binocular to refer to bi-ocular equipment. because of this, many of our bi-ocular products are labelled “binocular” to support people in finding the right tool for the job.i.