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Entry Level Thermal Imaging

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Entry-Level Hand-Held Thermal Imagers

Our range of entry-level hand-held thermal imagers from leading brands such as infiray will provide a user-friendly spotting tool for close range wildlife observation.

Hand-held thermal imagers can be used in any light level, including complete darkness. They are also useful in conditions such as fog, rain or snow and when obstacles such as bushes, foliage or long grass obscure your view. In these situations, traditional night vision struggles to provide an image, but thermal imaging uses heat energy, not light, so can help you keep track of wildlife, foxes and more in any situation.

Designed for hunting, pest control, deer surveys, wildlife observation, security and surveillance, hand-held thermal imagers can offer long-range detection, up to 1.8km with the right spec.

Introduction to the HikMicro Lynx Range of Handheld Thermal Imagers

HikMicro manufactures small-scale, affordable, user-friendly thermal monoculars designed to fit in the pocket without compromising quality. With lens sizes ranging from 6mm to 25mm, the HikMicro Lynx has an ergonomic tapered design so you can hold it in your hand easily. These pocket-sized, discreet thermal monoculars have wifi capabilities, able to send images and recordings directly to your phone or device.

The Lynx 6mm Hand Held Thermal is the smallest, most compact unit. The Lynx has a 160x120 17 Micron Thermal Core and an extremely wide Field of View. This makes the Lynx a perfect entry-level thermal imager for spotting wildlife in the garden or spotting rats and rabbits at close ranges.

For a longer detection range, a larger lens size is needed, such as the Lynx LH25. This 25mm lens thermal imager can detect human-sized heat-emitting objects up to 1180m away, so you can quickly scan a field or forest. For Entry-level thermal imaging, this range has the imagers of choice for low-complexity, high-quality hand-held thermal monoculars.