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Capture every outdoor adventure as it all unfolds with the high quality images and video from a Bushnell Trail Camera.

Simply locate a Bushnell No Glow wildlife camera on the trail and these wildlife observation cameras will capture stills or video day or night of wildlife in your area.

Using a wildlife camera for noctural wildlife observation is easy, simply locate the camera on an area where you believe wildlife is active and then motion detection system will detect movement and trigger the camera resulting in still images or video footage being captured.

These wildlife night cameras allow you to observe wildlife in complete darkness using infrared illumination and the latest Bushnell Dual Core cameras feature lenses optimised for different conditions to deliver the highest quality images available. 

The best wildlife cameras feature wireless image transfer, alerting you to a trigger via your mobile and send a still image or video to your mobile device.

Whether you are capturing wildlife footage for wildlife surveys or for tracking game in your area, a Bushnell Wildlife Camera trap will provide the answer.