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Infiray Gemini Multi-Spectral Thermal Imaging Binoculars BLACK FRIDAY SALE
Infiray Tube TH50 V2 Thermal Riflescope BLACK FRIDAY SALE
Infiray Mate MAH50 Thermal Clip On Attachment BLACK FRIDAY SALE
Infiray SAIM Thermal Riflescope SCP19 Finance Available
Infiray EH35 Thermal Imaging Monocular 640x512 Sub 25mK NETD BLACK FRIDAY SALE

Infiray are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of thermal imaging, with a range of hand held thermal imaging and thermal riflescopes using the very latest sensors and displays.

A new range of true day and night vision optics allow you to have full colour daytime performance switching to night vision at night.

Whether you are looking for a hand held thermal imager for spotting deer during the day, or for security and surveillance at night, the Infiray hand held thermal camera range has a model that is suitable for your application.

The latest Infiray thermal riflesscope, the TH50 features a high performance sensor with ROUND HD display and is the thermal scope of choice of 260RIPS aka Mark Ripley