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Wicked Hunting Lights

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The Wicked Hunting Lights range feature some of the worlds most powerful hunting lamps, for lamping foxes, vermin control and hunting at night.

With visible light models such as the A67iC and a range of extremely poweredful LED IR illuminators such as the A51iR or A75iC, the Wicked Lights range delivers stunning power, packed with all the accessories you will ever need.

Fully adjustable from Spot to Flood as well as from 0-100% power, the Wicked Lights gun lights are designed for long range use delivering a high quality image even at extreme ranges.

The latest digital night vision riflescopes such as Wraith 4K or HikMicro Alpex benefit from the addition of a high power IR illuminator such as the Wicked Lights A51iR to deliver long range performance in night vision.