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Thermal Imager Add Ons

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Thermal Scope Add-Ons

A thermal scope add-on provides a true "dual use" thermal imager solution for hunting via thermal riflescope and for handheld thermal observation.

Thermal scopes are extremely useful for spotting and identifying live animals in darkness and low visibility, using infrared heat energy rather than light to create a detailed digital image on an LED or OLED display within the scope or monocular. If you’re often using a day scope, it can be frustrating to have to switch over to thermal, carrying bulky kit just in case fog or rain sets in.

An affordable and convenient solution is provided by a thermal scope add-on. Rather than removing one scope to attach another, the thermal add-on quickly and easily attaches to your day scope, converting it into a state-of-the-art thermal imaging riflescope.

Ideal for scenarios when you are out in varied conditions or for long hours, you may not wish to dedicate a rifle for night vision or spend time switching scopes. With a thermal add-on scope you can stalk in daylight with your sporting rifle and Zeiss day scope, snap on the thermal attachment at night or when visibility is low and have immediate access to a great thermal foxing solution.

In this range of thermal clip-ons, we have scopes from trusted brands including Pulsar, Infiray and Zeiss.
The Pulsar PROTON FXQ30 front-mounted thermal scope add-on is a popular choice, providing a front-mounted thermal scope attachment that is:

  • Optimised for lower-mag riflescopes up to 4x
  • Able to Detect thermal energy at a range of up to 900m
  • Quick to attach to day scope or use with optional monocular for handheld observations
  • Perfect for air rifles and rimfire as well as shorter-range centrefire

We also carry the Leica calonox sight thermal imaging clip on, which has a defined target size of 1.7 x 0.5 m. The Leica Calonox Thermal Sight has a 2,000m detection range, with clear enough imaging to allow recognition of targets up to 700 m and precisely identify them up to 350m.

How does a Thermal Add-on Scope work?

Using delicate heat sensors, the thermal scope detects infrared emissions and generates an image. The thermal sensitivity of the scope determines the detail it can provide, using different shades of grey/black/white per pixel to indicate variation in heat. With a high-resolution, high-sensitivity thermal add-on, it is possible to see not just the shape of the object, but individual details such as hair or eyes. The image is generated on a small LED/ OLED screen within the scope, which is then magnified through the lenses in the eyepiece, giving the same visual experience as a standard optical day scope.