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Hand Held Thermal Under £1000

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Hand-Held Thermal Imagers Under £1000

You don’t have to break the bank to own a hand-held thermal camera. On this page, we’ve selected the available Thermal imagers under £1000 and broken down their capabilities so you can make an informed and affordable choice.

We supply Thermal Imagers from leading brands such as Pulsar, Infiray, Guide, Zeiss and Leica. A handheld thermal spotter can be a great tool for wildlife observation, foxing, and home security.

A hand-held thermal imaging monocular can be used in daylight, low light and complete darkness. Because they rely on heat signatures or infrared energy rather than light, thermal monoculars or binoculars produce a clear image even in poor conditions such as fog, rain, snow or obstacles such as dense foliage or long grass, where traditional night vision struggles to provide an image.

Hand-held thermal imagers such as the Pulsar Axion XM30F provide the ultimate in long-range detection and identification and can be used for spotting wildlife, tracking quarry, thermal deer surveys and surveillance.

A customer favourite in our Under £1000 range is the HikMicro Lynx LH15 Pro, a powerful thermal imager so small it will fit in your pocket. This thermal imager, for under £1000, provides up to 700m detection range, <35mK NETD thermal sensitivity, a sensitive 12-micron thermal sensor and built-in WiFi and recording capabilities, sending your wildlife videos straight to the cloud. This is just one in our range of hand-held thermal imagers for under £1000 online.

When you order online with Scott Country Internation, you can be certain that we have a highly secure payment SSL and can provide finance to support your purchase. Visit our Castle Douglas office or come and meet us at a trade show, and we’ll be happy to show you the ins and outs of our quality thermal optics range.