Wicked Lights - Rifle Shooters Mark Ripley puts this new kit through it's paces

The new Wicked Lights A67iC 3 color gun light is a revolutionary new high power gun light system for lamping foxes or controling vermin, featuring a centre axis rotational 3 in 1 colour LED system to deliver a stunning bright red, white or green selectable beam with a super high power beam throw that is unrivalled in a switchable colour hunting lamp, with no diodes or pills to change.

Designed in the US using precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminium, the Wicked Hunting Lights A67ic Predator delivers a beam which will provide identification of your quarry well in excess of any targetable distance, with a crystal clear beam for the ultimate in target aquisition.

Switch between White, Green and Red (An Infrared version is also available) and adjust power and beam throw in a second, delivering unrivalled performance....but dont take our word for it.....260RIPS Mark Ripley said when testing the A67ic 

Find out more about the Wicked Lights here.

"This is the brightest hand-held or rifle mounted torch i have ever used...even brighter than the popular Coyote Light i can honestly say, I was extremely impressed with the power and intensity of this lamp"

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