Wicked Hunting Lights - Not just "ANOTHER TORCH"

"Just another torch" That's what I thought when Paul Stewart from Scott country messaged me one day a few months back with the details of the new "wicked light".

I have had a bit of a torch thing going on for a few years and have spent lots of money on various different types but after using the wicked light I think I am finally finished.

A few weeks later Paul was very kind to send me a demonstrator and asked me to try it out.

The Wicked Light is unlike any other gun lights as it comes with a patented three LED's built in, which change instantaneously (no disassembly required) and maintain POI (no adjustments needed to re-zero the light in the scope).

It also comes complete with a superb adjustable mount allowing you to zero the scope to your optics with ease, a scope mount to attach to a normal 1 inch or 30mm scope tube, two batteries, mains and car charger, a fully adjustable spot to flood beam, fully adjustable power tail cap, lens hood and fully adjustable remote lead tail cap switch , all this in a superb carry case.

The Wicked Lights come with a huge range of accessories

Being in the middle of summer this required me leaving home very late to get the full effect but it was definitely worth staying out all night. I decided to contact an old friend of mine an older gentleman who shoots over two hundred foxes per year he doesn't do internet or anything modern in fact he uses an old battery powered light with a red lens and a block of polystyrene.

He had recently decided to take the plunge and invest in a modern light and had various different friends with all sorts of modern lights come out with him to show him theirs before he would part with his money. I don't think it would be fair to name and shame the others he used but when I showed him the Wicked Light he was very very impressed. the evening started and it was still light so we went to a farm that he was having problems with a elusive ginger pest .

I produced my Pulsar XQ38F Helion that I had recently purchased from Scott Country International and after spotting and shooting a fox with it that he couldn't see with binoculars or naked eye he was in total amazement at how effective this was. we quickly moved to another location and it was dark at this stage and time to unleash the wicked light. The first thing that struck him was how lite it was and all of the different accessories that came in the handy carry case. I mounted the torch to his scope using the supplied scope rail and mounting system .

We zeroed the torch at approx. 120 yards which was effortless because of the mounting system allowing change of elevation and windage similar to a scope. we then installed the stock mounted button this also was impressive due to the no noise on/off function coupled with a smooth dimming action. with everything set we started the evenings proceedings David was shocked at the power of the light with it being so small but the most impressive of all was the ability to change colours from white to red to green at the flick of a switch.

I had held something back and waited to see if he had noticed and he did very quickly he said " the light stays in the exact same place when I change colours" this left things very user friendly when under pressure to take a shot.

After a very long and productive night we headed home and the next day we had a phone call going over everything that we had done some would class this as a "Debrief" David was of the firm opinion that this was the best bit of kit that he had ever seen or used and was off to buy one I myself had been out on a few occasions and had come to the same conclusion but wanted another opinion, and at £249 it was a lot more competitively priced than some of the others he had used.

I honestly feel that these are the next generation of lamp and feel very privileged to get to use one when they first came out anyone in Northern Ireland who wants to come and see this or the thermal in action don't hesitate to give me a call.

Ashley Thompson

Wicked Lights