We take a look at Modern Laser Rangefinding for stalking and foxing

It is often very difficult to judge distances when hunting, that buck that looks only 150yards may actually be in a dip and is actually 250yards, this is even more exaggerated when light fails and the human eye finds it difficult to judge distances. We take a look at three of the best laser rangefinders in our range.

laser rangefinder equipment

Range finding is an art...to the untrained eye.....so a range of hand held laser rangefinders are at your disposal to assist.

We took three of the most popular units we sell, and tested them on a church spire at 176m away....but how accurate is each device.

The Sig Kilo 2000 offers a measuring accuracy to one tenth of a yard....rather precise for the shooter but with a reflective target range of out to 3400yards, that accuracy should make a difference to the professional target shooter.

A every day laser rangefinder provides accuracy to +/- 1 yard which is more than enough for an every day shooter.....and with ranges of up to 600 and 800yards they can provide range finding at distances more than we would consider shooting quarry.

We put all these LRF through their paces, and found that from £129.99 to £519.99 they all work exceptionally well..but with the bonus of angle measurement, super accuracy of measurement and super fast scanning.

Example peek

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 - range to church spire 176.7m   £519.99

The new Sig Sauer Kilo 2000 Laser range finder is a shooting industry first, offering a stunning 3400 yard rangefinder, at a price substantially less than the market leader.

Offering extreme accuracy, updating at 4x per second with Hyperscan, the Sig Kilo 2000 with patented Lightwave DSP technology is amazingly fast.

With the ability to range reflective targets at 3400 yards, and non reflective at 1500yards, the Kilo 2000 offers stunning high quality optics, with a super accurate to 0.1yd laser rangefinder for hunting, marine applications, construction and much more.

With additional accuracy the Sig Kilo measured 176.7m....this additional accuracy level is ideal for long range target shooting, however for the everyday hunter is this level of accuracy at sub 600m level required....jury is out....


Halo XRT 600 - range to church spire 176m   £129.99

The Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT6 is a state of the art 600 yard laser rangefinder which provides 6x optical magnification.

Ideal for hunting or sporting rifle target shooting the Halo XRT6 will provide accurate range finding in the field through clear precise 6x optics.

Measuring the distance to the church spire the device showed 176m 

Scan mode provides constant ranging for moving targets with precision to +/- 1 yard.


Halo XRay 800 - range to church spire 177m   £179.99

The new Halo XRay 800 Laser Rangefinder is a state of the art hunting rangefinder which provides a reflective target range of up to 800yards with precision +/- 1 yard accuracy.

With 6x optical magnification and AI technology which compensates for slope to the target, this is ideal for distances where you are on an incline or a valley.

Measuring the distance to the church spire the device showed 177m

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