Using the Pulsar Reticle Manager Software to create and download your own N550 Digisight reticles.

Downloading and Creating your own reticles for the Pulsar Digisight using the Pulsar Reticle Manager Software


The new Reticle Manager Software from Pulsar allows you to download, create and upload new reticles to your Pulsar Digisight. Whether you require a single aim point for wild boar, or a mil-dot reticle for long range hunting, you can create your own reticle specific to your needs.

Firstly to begin you need to download the new Pulsar Reticle Manager Software. (Executable file from Pulsar NV Optics) then follow our video download guide below. We can supply text instructions also should you prefer, please Contact Us to receive them by email.

We will shortly be offering a Reticle Download service, where you can download specific reticles from our online database.

You should always full test new reticles on the range against a target, and re-zero before shooting vermin etc.

View our instructional video below for more information.

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You can find out more about the Pulsar N550 Digisight on our website.

Downloading, and installing software to your computer is entirely at your own risk. Software suitable for XP, Vista and Windows 7 32bit OS.