Using Night Vision Riflescopes and Digital Night Vision in Air Soft Skirmish

Using Night Vision in Airsoft Skirmish Games.

Digital Night Vision riflescopes and add on DSA Night Vision are ideal for hunting and vermin control, however they have other applications such as wildlife observation and airsoft tactical uses.

The Pulsar Digisight N750 for example is a state of the art Digital Night Vision riflescope which uses a weaver or picatinny rail system to attach to rifle mount rails. Most airsoft tactical rifles utilise this system also, allowing you to directly mount this riflescope to your rifle. Pulsar are soon to launch their new Pulsar Photon digital night vision riflescope which will bring high performance night vision to the sub £500 price market, offering Gen 2+ comparable performance at the price of an entry level Generation One device, but more about that later!

We also have a range of hand held night vision devices such as the Pulsar Recon 550, or the Yukon Exelon which can be used as a spotter to spot competition at night in complete darkness, without alerting other players to your location.

Digital Night Vision, unlike image intensifier devices can be used in varying light conditions, and even during the day, which is ideal for airsoft skirmish games where there may be flares or flashlights being used, which could effectively damage an image intensifier device.

Also if you are playing a day long game, you can use the Digisight N750 during the day, and then turn on the infrared laser at night to continue seeing your competition at night, with a man sized detection range of up to 600 metres (ideal conditions.)

Another benefit of digital night vision is that you can record footage of what you see through the weapon sight, allowing you to record footage of hunting or airsoft skirmishes, and then upload to You Tube to share with friends.

Day Scope adaptor Night Vision such as the Pulsar Challenger GS is a relatively inexpensive way of converting your day weapon sight into a true night vision device with man sized detection out to 100 meters. Simply attach the Pulsar Challenger GS to your day scope, or mount it behind your holographic sight, to provide night vision capability.

Lets have a look at some of the Night Vision Airsoft weapon sight options available...

Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision

The Pulsar Digisight N750 is the latest digital night vision riflescope from Pulsar, offering a man sized detection range of up to 600 metres at night.

N750 features a high specification OLED Screen for high quality viewing and a built in variable power laser IR illuminator. With 4.5x magnification and a push button digital zoom which magnifies what you see by 1.5 times for long range observation, the Digisight N750 has the capability to view in daylight or in complete darkness.

A one shot zero system allows you to quickly and easily set up your Digisight to zero with point of impact and an illuminated centre reticle point allows quick and easy target acquisition.

Although quite expensive in terms of airsoft apparel, the N750 offers devastating performance, with the capability and detection range comparable with top specification image intensifier night vision at a fraction of the price.

You can find out more about the Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope on our website.

Nite Site NS200 Digital Night Vision Kit 

The NiteSite NS200 Nightvision kit is an entirely different way of thinking when it comes to night vision riflescope kits. Unlike a traditional night vision rifle scope, or a day scope adaptor monocular, the NiteSite NS200 uses a digital night vision camera to attach to your riflescope eye piece, and then displays the viewed image on a head up display mounted to your riflescope.

NiteSite is an innovative and unconventional way of shooting, in that you do not have your three points of contact to take a shot! You simply shoulder the rifle in a ‘heads up’ position viewing the cross-hairs of your day scope on the LCD screen mounted on the top of the scope! The NiteSite system has an infra-red camera that fits to a regular day scope using a flexible sleeve. Once the camera is put in place and connected to the LCD screen and illuminator module, the image of the cross-hairs is clearly visible on the LCD screen! It is that simple!

The LCD screen and illuminator module has an infra red beam that is switched in four increments from off to full by turning the switch on top of the illuminator unit. The infra red camera module can see the infra red light very clearly. This method of night vision can give a recognisable image up to a distance of 200 yards with the NS200 model, and in excess of 50 yards for the NS50 model. This will depend on the quality of the day scope optics that are in use at the time.

You can find out more about the NiteSite NS200 Night Vision and the NiteSite NS50 Nightvision on our website.

Pulsar Challenger GS Gen Super Night Vision Monocular with Day Scope Adaptor

The Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision is a Gen Super image intensifier night vision device with a built in Infrared illuminator which is designed as a hand held night vision monocular for night observation. The Challenger GS can also be attached to a riflescope with the Pulsar Day Scope adaptor, instantly converting your parallax adjustable telescopic sights into a night vision riflescope.

The Super Gen image intensifier gives edge to edge definition and provides an image clarity not often found in budget night vision devices.

With a man sized detection range of 100 metres, the Pulsar Challenger GS DSA Night Vision kit offers great performance at a fantastic price.

The benefit of this system is you can use the Challenger as a night vision spotter, handheld to pick up and identify targets, or even attach it to a goggle mount kit (available separately) for hands free CQB applications. 

You can also upgrade performance with a bolt on IR flashlight or infrared laser illuminator either mounted directly to the Challenger body when used hand held, or to the DSA when weapon mounted.

We can supply the Challenger as a package with the fantastic Pulsar L-808 IR Laser Illuminator for extended clarity at long ranges.

Find out more about the Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision Day Scope Kit on our website.

New from Pulsar for 2012

A new product soon to hit the shelves at Scott Country is the fantastic new Pulsar Photon Digital Night Vision riflescope. This entry level digital night vision riflescope will provide man sized detection of up to 250 metres, at a price sub £500, offering Gen 2+ comparable performance, at a fraction of the cost.

Initially looking like a front mounted Digital Night Vision add-on, the Yukon Photon is actually the combination of a Pulsar Digital Night vision monocular and a Yukon riflescope.

Details on full specification are sketchy at the moment, as its due for release December, but expect the Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision to have a built in IR illuminator, digital video recording capability when using an MPR, and the clarity and performance of the Pulsar Recon range of night vision devices.

The image shown here is a prototype image, and the real product may differ from pictured, but it will mean a whole new ball game in airsoft night vision equipment as the Pulsar Photon can be set up as regular day scope, and then when darkness falls it comes into its own as a high specification night vision device.

With the capability to upgrade performance with a high performance IR laser flashlight, quality nightvision has never looked so appealing at this price.

Keep an eye on our website for more information on the launch of the new Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision riflescope.