Ultra Pest Control with the Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450

Once more i found myself waving goodbye some brilliant or, dare i say it, awesome kit.  The demand for the new Pulsar N455 Ultra is so high that my time was limited as stocks flew off the shelf at Scott Country International.

This is great news, though, and from what i see in the press and on social media, the Pulsar Digisight N450 is a winner.

Click here to read Mick Garveys article in Airgun World.

The new Pulsar Digisight Ultra N450 is exactly the same unit as the N455 featured in Micks Article but the N450 has a more powerful 850nm IR illuminator providing enhanced range.

With a variable 4.5x to 18x mag and a brand new HD sensor, the N450 Digisight is stunning during the day and brilliant at night for long range vermin control.

The previous Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 is exactly the same scope, albeit with a 940nm Covert IR illuminator. 

The Digisight Ultra N450 is supplied with a detachable high power IR illuminator operating at 850nm, or you can upgrade performance with the Wicked Light A51iR infrared illuminator.

Super Sensitive Night Vision Riflescope

The Digisight Ultra 450 features a highly-sensitive CMOS sensor with 1280х720 pixel resolution. The large sensor captures even the slightest of light - invisible to the human eye - which contributes to the sight’s highly efficient performance in harsh night time conditions

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