Trail Cameras feature on BBC's Countryfile

Wildlife Trail Cameras on Countryfile


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Stealth Cam Wildlife Camera footage captured by Wildlife Trust and Countryfile.

Sunday evenings BBC Countryfile saw the North East Wildlife Trust using Stealth Cam wildlife trail cameras to capture fantastic footage of badgers, foxes and other wildlife.

Ever wanted to know what is going on in your town, street or back yard when you are asleep at night, or at working during the day? These "secret cameras" give an insight into the nocturnal life that goes unseen, even in your very own back garden!

Trail Cameras range from under £100.00 to over £400 for the top of the range models.

Trail cameras offer you a fantastic method of monitoring wildlife movements during the day and at night. These devices are essentially a hidden camera complete with motion detector that allow you to capture footage of wildlife 24hours of the day. They are triggered by movement of an animal in the vicinity and can see in the dark allowing you to capture nocturnal movements of the shy badger and fox.

These built in Infra Red illuminators "flash" during operation, bathing the subject in invisible, and perfectly harmless Infra Red, which the camera can see. This infra red is invisible to the naked eye, and means the badger, or fox having his photo taken is completely oblivious.

There are no noises, or lights to scare away your photo subjects and the only limiting factor to what you capture is the placement of your trail camera.

They can be secured to trees or posts and directed to a path or worn trail watching for who or what may come trotting along, or they can be used in dedicated photo traps, like Bob has done with his Kingfisher set up.

Simply by placing the secret camera in the right spot overlooking the river, and setting up a perch for the Kingfisher to land on when he is fishing, was enough to capture some of the best footage we have seen from a Trail Camera, he was lucky enough to even capture a before and after fishing video clip, which was stunning.

Which camera did Countryfile and the Wildlife trust use?

Stealth Cam Prowler HD High Definition Trail Camera.

We supply Spypoint and Stealth Cam trail cameras, and the Countryfile program featured the Stealth Cam Prowler HD which captures High Definition video footage as well as still photographs. Colour during the day, black and white at night using IR to illuminate the subject without the animal having any idea he has been posing for a photograph.

The Stealth Cam Prowler HD trail camera features market leading 1280x720 High Definition video, and also captures sound. The built in 54 IR emitters illuminate out to 30ft ensuring that all subjects are captured that move into the cameras path.

Still images are 8.0 Megapixels and can shoot 1-9 images per triggering.

Although the Stealth Cam HD can capture HD video, you can achieve better still image results with Spypoint's Pro X leading the way in high resolution still images.

Stunning Prowler HD High Definition Trail Camera footage

The market leader in still image trail cameras is the Spypoint PRO X High Resolution Trail Camera

Spypoint's PRO X camera is the market leader in terms of performance featuring a 12 Megapixel CCD sensor allow you to capture stunning high resolution images which are good enough for magazine quality print.

 The PROX also captures high resolution video, and has a market leading response time from detecting movement to capturing the image.

It is often the case that false triggers can happen on some cameras as a leaf or branch moves in front of the sensor, with the PRO X the camera needs to detect movement and HEAT to trigger the camera.

With an extremely sensitive detector the PRO X can capture small animals at extreme distances.

The image below shows a pigeon in an urban environment captured at a long distance, showing the sensitivity and performance of the Spypoint camera range.

 If you missed Sundays Countryfile you can watch it again on BBC's Iplayer.

Visit the Wildlife Trusts blog for further information on the fantastic work that the North East Wildlife Trust team does involving Trail Cameras.

 You can find out more about Trail Cameras on our website.