Tracer F900 vs Tracer F400

The Tracer F900 and Tracer F400 are one of the best IR illuminators that are currently avaible and in this review I will be comparing them both.

Specifications for both tracers can be found below

The Tracer LEDRay 400 is a infrared illuminator designed for use on night vision monoculars and riflescopes, to provide an additional light source for mid to long range use with up to 400m beam illumination.

Ideal for use on Photon XT and ATN X Sight, the Tracer IR LEDRay 400m infrared illuminator kit features a high performance LED diode with sophisticated circuitry is capable of producing an impressive and powerful 400m Beam.

LED's can take a massive amount of punishment.  They do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are less vulnerable to impact damage if you drop the torch.

Durable & Robust Construction

Precision engineered aluminium body featuring an anti-shatter lens . With an anti-slip body texture offering a firm and secure grip.

Three Output Levels

A mode switch enables you to dim the LEDRay for lower light and extra long run time.

Multiple Battery Configurations

Supplied with 3 x AAA Batteries. The LEDRay IR is also compatible with 1 x 183650 & 2 x CR123A batteries.


  • World Class super bright IR LED
  • Adjustable Beam (Spot to Flood)
  • High/Medium/Low power output
  • 400m beam
  • 850nm wavelength
  • Up to 6hrs run time (Low setting)
  • Waterproof construction

Kit includes

  • Weaver scope mount to fit to night vision device
  • Anti shatter lens
  • Multiple battery configuration using AAA battery carrier

Tracer have developed a unique infrared illuminator for riflescope or hand held night vision, that enables the user to rapidly switch between IR diode and visible light LED, the new Tracer F900 IR illuminator provides enhanced performance on all types of night vision.

The new Tracer F900 IR illuminator is designed to boost performance of night vision riflescopes and hand held monoculars etc, by providing a enhanced high performance IR light source for the ultimate in long range identification.

Features a registered design mounting system has been invented to allow precise target adjustment for windage and elevation.

Provides an illumination beam of up to 800m to allow for precise quarry identification up to 500m depending on night vision capability.

A uniquely integrated magnetic stepless dimmer system allows for quick brightness adjustment.

Includes Tracers exclusive registered design mount system, developed to be fully adjustable, vertically and horizontally for precise targeting.

Interchangeable LED diodes

Quickly interchangeable white, red, green and IR LED's. The F900 lights have been developed to provide one of the best long-range beams for solo hunting up to 800m. A unique integrated magnetic stepless dimmer system allows for quick brightness adjustment from spot to flood.

Includes Tracer’s exclusive registered design mount system, developed to be fully adjustable to account for windage and elevation for precise targeting

Comparing the two Illuminotors


The F900 is £169.99 vs The F400 is £69.99


Out of the two the F900 has the better performance as it's range is 800m compared to 400 of the Tracer F400 and the F900 has also got interchangable diodes and so can be used as a IR illuminator and also a hunting torch whereas the F400 can only be used as a IR illuminator. The Good points of the F400 is that its very cheap and works very well for the price also it does not weigh much and so wont obsruct your rifle.