Shooting Sports Magazine Reviews the Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision Monocular and Day Scope Adaptor

Pete Wadeson from Shooting Sports Magazine puts the Pulsar Challenger Gen 1+ GS Hand Held Night Vision and Day Scope Adaptor to the test in this review in the latest issue of the magazine.

"Trust me for the price this is one hell of a unit and still the most affordable way to have an NV capability too" Pete Wadeson Shooting Sports Magazine

The Pulsar Challenger GS DSA is a hand held night vision observation device which can be attached to your weapon sight to convert your day scope into a true night vision weapon sight.

Using built in infrared, or upgrade with a high power infra red flashlight or IR laser, the Pulsar Challenger NOD (Night Observation Device) allows you to use the device hand held for scouting, and then attach it to the eye piece of your day scope, using the Pulsar Day Scope Adaptor for hunting at night.

You can find out more about the Pulsar Challenger GS Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope on our website.

You can read the review of the Pulsar Challenger GS Gen 1 + Night Vision Scope and Day Scope Adaptor in the latest issue of Shooting Sports magazine, or you can download a copy of the Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision Review article here from our website.