Pulsar Recon Digital Night Vision Monocular Hand Held Night Observation Device Buying Guide

Pulsar Night Vision is commonly associated with the market leading Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision scope, however Pulsar also manufacture a range of high performance hand held night vision monoculars and handheld night observation devices, ideal for hunting at night, wildlife observation and security and surveillance.

Disclaimer these products are no longer available at scott country!

The new Pulsar Digiforce 860RT is a hand held night vision monocular designed for observing wildlife at night, with advanced features including wifi and video recording.

The Pulsar Digiforce 860RT is a compact and light weight Digital Night Vision Monocular. It is the most advanced scope in its series offering improved performance, the unit is resistant to bright light exposure, making it ideal for a wide range of applications and featuring a 6 to 13x magnification.

This provides a detection range of up to 275m depending on environmental conditions and the highly sensitive CMOS array in combination with the latest software enables the Digiforce 860RT to be used in very low light environments without using the built-in eyesafe 810nm IR illuminator. The 640x480 LCD display provides a crisp and detailed images even in sub-zero temperatures and the underside of the unit also has a video-out port. 

The Digiforce 860RT includes built-in WiFi and video recording, unique to this model. These features allow any user to upload footage and photos straight to their smartphone or tablet (A dedicated App is required for WiFi transfer, available for iOS and Android systems).

The Digiforce 860RT features a mount fitting which combines a ¼" tripod socket (to enable tripod mounting), a Weaver short rail to enable mounting different accessories, including; auxiliary IRs, sound amplification, EPS battery packs and other systems. 

Price £309.95

The Pulsar Recon 550, Recon 325 and X and R Series of hand held digital night vision monoculars provide unmatched performance and value, and in some models allow viewing up to 500meters, in ideal viewing conditions at night.

What is Digital Night Vision and how does it differ?

 For many years hand held night vision devices have been built around an image intensifier device, of either Gen 1 or Gen 2 specification.

These devices provide a Green image, and require to be treated with great care when in use, as the fragile image intensifier tubes are easily damaged from exposure to bright light sources such as car headlamps, street lighting etc.

The major benefit of Pulsar Recon Digital Night Vision devices over image intensifier tube models is that they cannot be damaged by bright light sources likely to be encountered at night. Also as they can be used as a day time viewing device, as the image processing and detection is electronic, without a fragile tube to be looked after.

The Pulsar Recon Digital Night Vision Range

The Recon has a specially designed mount which combines weaver and 1/4" standards to affix various accessories and all models are equipped with a Video Out port to allow footage to be displayed on an external viewing monitor, or to record footage to a mobile personal recorder such as the Yukon MPR.

Pulsar's R range of Recon Night Vision features a built in video recorder, which records to SD card to allow direct recording of what you see to the onboard memory card. Ideal for hunting trips, safaris and for wildlife observation as you can play back footage when at home or upload to websites such as You Tube etc

The Pulsar Recon is available in 325 and 550 specification with the option of the Standard device, "R" Built in Recorder Model, and "X" High Performance long range device.

Our buying guide will help you choose which model has the best features for your application or you can view the full range Pulsar digital Night Vision on our website to see the differences in features and performance.

Pulsar Recon 325 and 325R Night Vision Monoculars.

The Pulsar Recon 325 Digital Night Vision Monoculars offer the most compact variant in the range, with the widest field of view.

Available as the Standard 325 or 325 R with built in recording facility, the Pulsar Recon 325 and Recon 325R have a 2x magnification combined with a high apeture lens providing fine image quality via a highly sensitive CCD.

Featuring four user selectable working modes, the Recon 325 and 325R can be cycled through Black and White, Green (regular colour for Night Vision), Red (reduces eye strain) and Enhanced Contrast mode, allowing the viewing output to be tailored to requirements and conditions.

A built in IR Illuminator provides short range illumination and will allowing viewing of up to 150meters at night, (Man sized object in ideal viewing conditions)

The Recon 325R is equipped with an integrated digital video recorder to capture observed images onto SD card, or you can output footage to a remote viewing monitor, which is ideal for safari's and guided wildlife night tours as you can let everyone in the group see what is being observed.

The Pulsar R models can be used as motion detection night vision, simply set the device up in the location and activate the motion detection facility, and the device will start recording footage when an animal or human enters its vision. Ideal for using the Pulsar Recon as a wildlife trail camera, or motion detection night vision device which is triggered when movement is detected.

See our Pulsar Recon Comparision Chart for a full specification comparison.

Pulsar Recon X325 and Recon X325R Night Vision Monoculars

The Pulsar Recon X325 series offer all the functionality of the standard 325 Recon devices, combined with an enhanced highly sensitive CCD array and the addition of Sum Light signal processing.

The Sum Light software program ensuring enhanced resolution and a greater viewing range.

Also available as an X325R which features the enhanced performance, and the addition of the built in digital video recorder.

Pulsar's X Model Recon 325's provide enhanced viewing ranges up to 350 meters, in ideal conditions, making these night vision observation devices ideal for long range night time use.

Again both models feature a video out facility and the optional accessory rail to add a higher powered IR illuminator, or mount to a tripod for hands free use.

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Pulsar Recon 550 and 550 R Hand Held Observation Devices

The Pulsar Recon 550 Night Vision features high light gatheting via a 50mm objective lens and sensitive CCD array to allow night time observation out to 250meters in ideal conditions.

With 4x magnification the compact and lightweight Recon 550 features a new five lens eyepiece which enhances sharpness and contrast and provides a clear image in night time viewing conditions.

The four working modes, Black and White, Green, Red and Enhanced Contrast facility allows the user to tailor the outputted image to their own requirements depending on conditions and viewing area.

Again the device features a video output facility for recording to an MPR, or to allow viewing on an external viewing device.

The Recon 550R has the built in mobile personal recording device, to allow footage to be captured to SD cards for playback at home or upload to the web.

Pulsar Recon 550 hand held monoculars have lots of uses from hunting, to wildlife observation and anti poacher patrols keeping an eye on rivers for poachers, of pheasant pens for foxes.

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Pulsar Recon X550 and X550R Hand Held Digital Night Vision

The Pulsar X550 series of digital night vision in the 550 model offers state of the art performance with long range viewing and crisp imagery and a 5.5x magnification.

Combining the functionality of the Recon 550 and 550R the new X550 and X550R models feature the latest technology and fine quality CCD sensors and lenses to enhance the viewing range at night, outperforming many Gen 2 Image Intensifier devices costing many times more.

Featuring adjustable contrast and gain, as well as the Sum Light signal processing program the Recon X550 series allows viewing at night to 400meters in ideal viewing conditions.

Available as a kit which includes the Pulsar IR Flashlight Stealth Infrared 940 IR to allow covert use at night at long ranges, making this device ideal for anti piracy, security applications and scouting at night when hunting.

The Recon X550R is still in development, however the standard Pulsar Recon 550R with built in recording is available.

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