The Pulsar Digisight Digital Night Vision Riflescope test review by Sporting Rifle.

The Pulsar Digisight N550 full review by Mike Powell of Sporting Rifle Magazine.

Updated: June 2017 The Digisight N550 has gone through various incarnations of models, from N750, N750A, N870LRF, and N970LRF, with a soon to be launched Digisight Ultra which is their first full colour true day and night riflescope.

New Digital Night Vision Riflescopes

If you are a keen rifle shooter then the Pulsar Digisight N550 riflescope probably needs no introduction.

Digital night vision devices such as the hand held Yukon Ranger, have led the way for the technology to be developed into a night vision telescopic sight for hunting at night.

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The N550 is mounted to your rifle like a conventional weapon scope or rifle scope. As it replaces your original day scope, a night vision rifle sight using an image intensifier such as a Gen 1, Gen 2 or Gen 2+ cannot be used during the day, as any bright light source entering the riflescope could damage the delicate NV tube.

The Digisight is different, as it used a CCD sensor, infra red and an electronic processor, it can be used during the day as well as at night and bright light sources are perfectly safe.

This means that not only can you zero your rifle in daylight now, but you can also use the N550 to hunt during the day and then use it as a devastatingly effective night vision weapon sight at night

The Pulsar N550 Digisight Telescopic Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Digital Night Vision brings a whole new dimension to Night Vision Riflescopes as you can use the N550 as a day scope, as well as a powerful night time hunting riflesight, with detection and sensitivity comparable to Gen 2+ nightvision, at a fraction of the cost.

The Pulsar Digisight is easy to zero, features a detection range of 400meters, and is upgradeable with a high power IR flashlight or a Laserluchs laser illuminator, not to mention providing the option to output what you see to a mobile personal recording device such as the Yukon MPR.

With a 4.5X telescopic magnification the Pulsar N550 Digisight is ideal for air rifles, rimfire and centrefire calibers and as a basic unit will provide accurate night hunting out to 250meters and beyond.

The future is here.....

Pulsar N550 Digital NV Riflescope

  • Fine Image Quality and Resolution
  • Highly Sensitive CCD Array
  • User choice of reticle shapes
  • Switchable SumLight Signal Processing program
  • Mini-USB slot for downloading into the Devices memory additional aiming reticles of User Configuration
  • Water Resistance
  • One Shoot Zeroing
  • Large Eye Relief (67mm)
  • Built In and External power supply, as well as built in clock
  • High Contrast function
  • Resistant to bright light exposure
  • Accurate internal front lens focus adjustment
  • Ergonomic design and intuitive easy to use interface.
  • Remote control with secure attachment
  • Additional MIL STD 1913 rail for accessories
  • Manufacturing employs carbon plastic and other modern technologies
  • Flip up objective lens cover
  • Video input/output, use the Yukon MPR to capture video footage for playback at home.
  • Built in IR Illuminator with shield blind
  • Separate adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • User choice of a color of displays glow
  • Low Battery indication

Main Menu: The Digisights main menu includes brightness control of the reticle, choice of the reticle shapes as well as setting of running time.

Windage Elevation Controls: Reticle adjustment (movement of the reticle horizontally and vertically during sighting) is performed by a special knob.

Quick Image Adjustment: A group of functions including Contrast Mode, Colour Mode, and Sum Light mode are available.

External Control: The Digisight N550 can be operated with the help of a remote control which duplicates activation functions on the riflescope, IR Illuminator and reticle inversion. The rifle can be powered by AA batteries as well as external power sources.

Internal Focusing: The optical system employs an internal focusing mechanism (from 5m to Infinity) with "definite" click-stop focus positions. The focusing provides clear images at extremely short distances as well as optimizes quality at all distances within the riflescopes working range.

Screen: The choice of one of the four operating modes: Blank screen, Aiming Reticle mode, Clock mode, Aiming reticle and clock mode

Reticle Inversion: The inversion button allows changing color of the aiming reticle from black to white. The choice of the reticle colour is subject to the targets brightness.

  • Generation: Digital
  • 4.5X Magnification
  • 50mm Objective Lens
  • 5.2 Deg Field Of View
  • 67mm Eye Relief
  • 6mm Exit Pupil
  • Resolution 50 lines per mm
  • Max Detection Range 400m
  • Diopter Setting, D +/- 3.5
  • Close Up Range 5-Infinity Meter
  • Power Supply 6V (4xAA)
  • Input Power Supply V DC 3.7-6V
  • Water Intrusion Rating IP46
  • Dimensions mm 340x95x96
  • Operating Time (without/with IR) Hour 12/9