Pulsar Axion XM38 vs Pulsar Helion XQ38F - Choosing the right thermal

Pulsar Axion XM38 vs Pulsar Helion XQ38F - How do you choose?

Pulsar recently launched the new Axion XM38 which features a new 12 micron sensor, and HD display delivering remarkable performance from such a small hand held thermal imager.

The Helion XQ38F is our most popular hand held thermal delivering a wide field of view, with superb identification combined.

We are often asked...which should i go for Helion XQ38F or Axion XM38...lets take a look at the differences.

Helion XQ38F vs Axion XM38

Pulsar Axion Sensor

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The new Axion XM38 boasts a brand new 12 micron 320x240 pixel sensor, which compared to the Helion XQ38F sensor of 384x288 is slightly less resolution, however the Helion XQ38F is 17 micron, with the Axion XM38 being 12 micron.

This reduction in pixel pitch on the Axion, will result in images having smoother edges, more detailed thermal mapping and offer a greater ability to recognise and identify objects over an equivalent sized sensor with a 17µm pixel pitch.

Pulsar Axion Model Line Up


Whilst the Helion XQ series display is 640x480 AMOLED, the new Axion boasts a 1024 HD AMOLED display, combined with the 320x240 micro sensor this gives the Axion a 5.5x to 22x mag, which although a narrower field of view, gives impressive detail at distance, and will provide a detection range of up to 1700m compared to the 1350m of the Helion XQ38F

This isnt always what the user wants however as the Helion XQ38F has a wider field of view, making it better for spotting quarry over larger areas, or for woodland stalking where the higher 5.5x mag of the Axion is a bit much.

Pulsar Helion Model Line Up

physical size

Without doubt the Axion is smaller, lighter and a lot easier to use than most thermal brands on the market...

Being the size of a modern laser rangefinder the Axion is perfect for deer stalking as you can slip it into a pocket and it goes relatively unnoticed in your kit bag, where as the Helion is a little larger and heavier but still no lump.

With a weight of 0.45kg for the Helion and 0.27kg for the Axion...you will notice the difference however on a long stalk.

But size isnt everything....

Pulsar Axion Thermal


Helion XQ38F vs Axion XM38 Specs

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