Phill Price reviews The Wildgame Innovations Terra 8 Wildlife Camera

Phil Price Reviews the Brand New Wildgame innovations Terra 8 Lightsout Wildlife Camera

In this latest issue of Air Gunner Magazine, Phill Price reviews both the Quantum Lite XQ23V and the Wildgame innovations Terra 8 lightsout wildlife camera. In this article there will be an extract from the Wildgame Innovations Terra 8 below. To view the article on The quantum lite please look on our the 'Our News' page on the website.

Extracts From the News Article

"I ’ve long enjoyed the many advantages that watching your shoot can bring, whether that be through your binoculars, or with a trail camera. The advantage of the latter is that it can sit silently collecting information 24 hours a day, whilst you’re busy doing other things. With the time set correctly, you can see patterns forming such as when squirrels come to feeders or at which part of the day the rabbits are most active."

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