Out Foxing with the new Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355

Mark Clayton has been using the Pulsar Digisight since its first incarnation, the Pulsar Digisight N550. Moving through the genres he has now taken delivery of the new Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355 and headed out foxing and rabbiting for the first time.

Pulsar have surpassed themselves with the new Digisight Ultra N355 series whilst I was impressed with the N970 the ultra N355 blew me away, the picture quality exceeds that of the N970 however the Ultra is now lighter, slimmer and has alot more new features.

If you are a bit of a techno geek like myself the Digisight Ultra is the one for you, but the simplicity of use will also appeal to users that is not technical minded & at a push or hold of a button you can access the menu, record footage, zoom, display picture in picture (PIP) and much more.

I used the one shot zero with ease & being digital the picture through the day was clear & with the different colour palettes either daytime or nighttime image through the scope was crisp & clear, I especially like the ultramarine as the picture through the scope reminds me of the thermal image.

The battery usage seems healthy and the B pack battery is interchangeable with my Pulsar Helion thermal spotter.

Like the Trail originally, the videos that are recorded do not give the Ultra justice at the moment, however I’m sure Pulsar will make this right with an firmware update as the picture through the scope is much better than recordings & accompanied with an external IR the N355 scope detection range is outstanding.

The new Digisight Ultra is interchangeable with any platforms, as you have x3 zero settings therefore you can zero the ultra and save zero for three different rigs.

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In summary....would I recommend one, hell yes!

I have surprised myself with how accurate the scope has been whilst I’ve used it to control vermin on my permissions to the point where one of my farmers came out at night to see for himself and to my surprise asked if it would fit on his 12G, I gasped but can’t see why not!

Mark Clayton

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