New Yukon Photon RT Night Vision arrives in UK

The new yukon photon rt 6x50 S is a modern digital night vision riflescope which can be used in daylight for true 24/7 operation, boasting a recognition range in excess of 250m thanks to a new sensor and advanced features. 

Back to Basics

The Yukon Photon XT was launched in 2014 and for the first time, brought a true high performance night vision riflescope into the grasp of everyone, with a retail price of just over £400 and the capability to delivery 150m ranges with the addition of a bolt on IR illuminator.

It quickly became the best selling night vision riflescope of the era, being used on everything from air rifles for ratting, through to centrefire rifles for foxing and vermin control, with fantastic results and it wasnt long before users were modifying their units with bolt on lenses, high power IR kits and other tricks.

The new kid on the block

We first saw the Yukon Photon replacement at the Las Vegas Shot Show, where there were plans to launch a "Sightline" device, in effect an upgrade from the Photon XT.  Plans for that were shelved, as Yukon decided instead to use their technological advances, and update the Photon the new Photon RT...which quite simply is the most exciting budget NV device we have seen.

Boasting a manufacturer claimed recognition range...yes you read that right....of up to 280m, twinned with a new high res sensor, and advanced features...the new Yukon Photon RT 6x50S is set to take the modern night vision world by storm.

Using a traditional 30mm riflescope tube, the Photon RT fits to any rifle using a standard 30mm ring mount, making it quick and easy to swap between your existing scope to the Photon RT.

With a one shot zero system you can be up and running in minutes after unpacking the device from the box.

Click here to view the new Yukon Photon RT 

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Introducing the future....Photon RT

Using the latest 768x576 sensor (Photon XT 656x492) the new Photon RT delivers increased resolution twinned with increased night time sensitivity and features modern tech advancements including variable magnification, integrated wifi and video recording, a new quick change battery pack (as seen in Quantum Lite) and a integrated invisible IR illuminator, which actually works well, and only those seeking ultra long ranges will need to upgrade.

New Photon RT 6x50

New Photon RT 6x50 on rifle

Stream Vision

In this modern age many hunters love to capture video footage of their hunts and share with friends or on social media. This was possible with Photon XT but required the wired connection of an external recorder. With Photon RT you simple hit record and capture footage to the internal 8GB memory.  With Stream Vision you can also connect your Photon RT to your smartphone or tablet, sharing your view with a hunting colleague and capturing footage at the same time.

Streaming Photon RT to iPhone

Daytime Capability

Those looking for a 24/7 solution wont be disappointed with the Photon RT. With full daytime capability, you can use Photon RT day and night, albeit not providing as good an image during the day as your traditional day scope, it is entirely capable for daytime hunting and observation. 

Coming into its own at night, with the onboard IR illuminator, the Photon RT delivers a recognition in excess of 250m (man sized object) with a optical magnification of 6x, with capability using digital zoom to deliver up to 12x mag (digital)

High night sensitivity, robust magnification, and a powerful built in IR illuminator combine to make Photon RT the perfect tool for target detection at distances of 150 -300m with full capability for large calibre rifles.

Quick Battery Replacement

Modern digital night vision is often known to be power hungry. Whilst the previous Photon XT used two AA batteries, the new Photon RT uses the same battery carrier as the Pulsar Quantum, enabling you to have two battery "magazines" ready in the field to quickly swap over.

Alternatively you can purchase the new Pulsar DNV battery packs which are rechargeable enabling extended run times and super fast power supply swap outs.

The new Yukon Photon RT 6x50 is arriving in August 2017 and will be retailing at £599.99 inc UK Next Day Delivery.

Unfortunately due to export controls we cannot ship the Photon RT overseas.

The Ratters Favourite

The Yukon Photon was a firm favourite for those controlling rat and rabbit populations. Take a look at one of the most popular Photon XT videos out there

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