New Pulsar Helion Hand Held Thermal Imagers launch at Scott Country - The NV Show asks whats new...

New Pulsar Helion, Trail and Apex Thermal Imagers arrive at Scott Country International with advanced features.

The latest innovations in thermal imaging have been built into the latest thermal range launching at Scott Country International from Pulsar.

With new sensors, state of the art design and features and market leading thermal imaging the Pulsar Helion and Trail range has taken the market by storm whether you are hunting, watching wildlife, or spotting foxes,

The Night Vision Show team asked UK Sales Director Paul at Scott Country what his thoughts were on the new range, and just what the differences are and posed a few questions on what the range offers:

Whats the difference between the XP and XQ models in the new range?

"Taking the handheld 50 for example, the XP is a 640x480 sensor with a native magnification less than the XQ but a higher digital mag as you can zoom in much higher with less pixelation. XQ has a 384x288 resolution and therefore half the resolution of the XP but a much higher native magnification. However the mag range of the XQ is 4.1x to 16.4 x compared to the XP50's 2.5x to 20x. 

Pulsar Helion Thermal

As for Field Of View (FOV) the 38 does intrinsically have a wider field of view of the 50 in an XQ but an XP50 has the best combination of good FOV, superb mag range (low to high) with minimal pixelation up the mag range compared to a XQ, and a 640 core so twice the sensor res for more detail at distance, with the win point for me being less image break up at higher mags and a superb FOV"

Pulsar Trail Thermal

So what replaces the best selling Apex XD75

"In terms of rifle scope the Trail XQ50 is effectively you could say a replacement of the Apex XD75 if you like, same resolution but a new 17um sensor so considerably better image quality and a higher mag range with much less pixelation across the mag range that was found on the original Apex.

The Trail XP50 again has a lower native mag than the Trail XQ50 but the 640 sensor allows a greater mag with less pixelation. 

In a sense, more detail at distance but a wider FOV.

The "hot product" for me is the Apex LRFXQ50, slightly higher native mag than Trail XQ50 same resolution, with a good mag range and new 17 micron sensor with a 1000m LRF built in."

So tell us more about the new Apex LRF XQ50?

"Many people questioned why there is a Trail AND a Apex when it comes to the new thermal riflescope models.

The Trail is a more advanced device in terms of the added "bells and whistles" so ideal for those of us who wish to capture video footage, recording to a smartphone, or even live streaming to the internet... not all of us want this.

The Apex offers the same new 17 micron sensor with actually slightly BETTER magnification than the Trail using the PIP imaging system.

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The Trail XQ50 has a mag of 2.7x to 10.8 where as the Apex XQ50 LRF 2.8x to 11.2x, a slight increase, but not imperceptible in the field. Employing the same 384x288 sensor provides virtually identical imaging, albeit with the Trails new "heat sink" system promising improved image quality.

What the Apex LRF XQ50 does a stunning 1000m laser rangefinder, which works day or night, and provides instant accurate ranges in the field, with the capability to store various zero configurations for different distances and/or different rifles, bullet loads etc.

All in all this makes the Apex LRF XQ50 my favourite of the new range but check out our latest video for an insight into what you can expect from the new range"

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