Mike Powell reviews the new Wicked REKON Shooting Tripod system

Rifle shooting legend Mike Powell asked us if he could try the new REKONtripod system and sent us in this review...he liked it so much he bought one...which is the highest accolade we could ask for...look out for his full review article in the next issue of Sporting Rifle magazine.

Its many years since I decided to stop lying on the ground to shoot foxes in the course of my work as a fox controller, to be honest I was fed up getting wet, muddy and covered in all manner of animal by products when out after foxes on a dark, bleak winters night. I used sticks of all types but increasingly, due to changes in fox behaviour, the arrival of various types of night vision especially thermal, static shooting has, for me become the norm.

I have tried all forms of shooting rests ranging from monopod to pentapod and others in between all had disadvantages as far as I was concerned. In fact I now have a collection that are in the shed and never used. Finally, salvation arrived in the form of the Rekon rifle rest from Wicked Lights, distributed in the UK and Ireland by Scott Country International. I had one to review and for my purposes it has turned out to be perfect.

Wicked Rekon Tripod with Mike Powell's rifle set up

The sticks are extremely strong, light, easy to deploy and have a really well designed top end incorporating a ball joint and “pig saddle” rest that clamps the rifle securely allowing it to be left in situ, ready for action. Utilising the long centre pillar remarkably steep angles of incline can be achieved whilst retaining total stability.

The ball joint allows a 360 degree area to be covered, at the same time the rifle can be tilted at almost any angle.

Finally, I suspect I have the perfect rest, for my purposes anyway. I liked it so much, I bought it! - Mike Powell

Find out more at www.scottcountry.co.uk/WickedRekon

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