Meet our Pro Staff

Meet our pro staff 

at Scott Country International we are proud to have a team of dedicated pro staff across the country.

using the latest kit in the field on a daily basis and always on hand to assist customers with set up advice across the uk, on social media and telephone by arrangement, or in person if required, our pro staff are an integral part of our company.

Many of our staff members at Scott Country International shoot on a regular basis, but our Pro Staff can provide non sales driven advice on purchasing the right hand held spotter, or riflescope, as well as assist with set up and usage advice.

Our Pro Staff also attend game fairs, expos and night vision demo evenings, and are always on hand for tech advice where required.


Kane has been Pro Staff at Scott Country since we started the program. 

Ex Military,  Kane is now a professional foxer in every sense, running the trusted Mid Wales Pest Control company with his brother, taking care of many farming pest control problems, watching over chicken units, and also lambs and other poultry.

Kane mainly uses his trusty Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal Riflescope, we have tried to tempt him with a new Trail...but his loyalty to the Apex XD75 remains, and at the last count it has accounted for hundreds of foxes, all who posed a threat to the local farming population.

Kane uses the Pulsar Quantum XQ50S thermal spotter for scanning the ground, and deploys his Flextone FLX500 to take care of calling.

You can contact Kane and our other pro staff through our Facebook Page


Mark is our most recent addition to the Pro Staff team at Scott Country, based in Yorkshire (he is fond of a cup of Yorkshire Tea) he often is out with Pro Staffer Tony, taking care of problem rabbits, foxes, and other vermin across farmland in the region.

He is also a "dab hand" at the pigeons, and is often out for hours...

Mark is a bit of "tech head" when it comes to his kit, (he was an IT manager for 10 years) he has all the latest kit, the moment it comes out, and is currently running the new Pulsar Trail, Pulsar Helion, Digisight N970, and new Photon RT.

When it comes to advanced features, and tech aspects of kit, there are not many who know more than Mark.

You can contact Mark and our other pro staff through our Facebook Page


The daddy of the Pro Staff team, Tony is based in South Yorkshire, but his roots still belong in Scotland...or so he tells us.

Tony owns more night vision and thermal imaging than we do.....(almost) and prides himself on a ethos of one kill... spending hours on the hill most nights...often accompanied by Mark.

His ratting videos with his Photon XT have become infamous...and he is now desparate to get out with his new Photon RT to control one particular farm where they are breeding like....well rats!

Tony loves his Digisight, and he actual owns several of them, with his two N970LRF's being his favourites.

He also owns the latest Pulsar Trail XP and Helion thermal spotter, ensuring that his mate Mark doesnt overtake him in the tech dept.

You can contact Tony and our other pro staff through our Facebook Page


James will be well known to most people in the industry, as well as being the front man for the popular Night Vision Show, he also runs a successful media company, Black Grouse Media.

James is always to be found with camera in hand, whether its in the field reviewing the latest kit to launch in the UK, or at game fairs and countryside shows across the UK.

He is also very proud of his new Calibre Innovations AR rifle, and it looks very cool with all the latest kit attached, especially the new Pulsar Argus which is a great combination to take advantage of the long range capabilities.

With first class technical knowledge, extensive vermin control field experience and the ability to break a few clays (he is a Pro Clay teacher) , James brings a huge wealth of knowledge and support to our company.

You can contact James and our other pro staff through our Facebook Page


Jake is from Kent and has been Airsofting for over 7 years now and is a Cannae Pro Gear sponsored shooter.

In his spare time he is part of the Stirling Airsoft Team. Stirling Airsoft hosts premium Airsoft Themed Games & Combat Missions around the UK & Spain. Stirling Airsoft has been around for over 15 years and this is due to the quality of their events, its reputation and loyal customer base. He is also a keen clay pigeon shooter and actively participates in various clay shooting events.

Jake has a large presence within the airsoft community and that is constantly growing from attending events whether it be for work or in his spare time. He will be testing the latest Cannae products before they hit the market and will also be trialing the latest thermal and NV optics suitable for MilSim and Airsoft.

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