Mark Ripley On Thermal - Using the new Pulsar Helion XQ38F and Pulsar Trail XQ50F

MARK Ripley on Thermal - foxing and boar with the helion XQ38F and TraIL XQ50 THERMAL SCOPE FROM PULSAR.

Well known long range vermin control Mark Ripley is familiar to thermal imaging, owning an old model HD38, but heads out on foxes and wild boar, testing the new Pulsar Helion XQ38F hand held thermal imager, and PULSAR Trail XQ50F thermal riflescope.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to have on test from Scott Country International,  2 thermal units, the first the Pulsar Trail XQ50 Thermal scope and the other the Helion XQ38F thermal spotter.

I was well aware that thermal equipment had come along way in a short space of time and I already own a Pulsar HD38 spotter but I was very impressed with these two new additions to the already extensive Pulsar range!

Not only has the picture quality of this equipment improved considerably from the earlier models but so has the addition of the various extra features. Units now include compact rechargeable batteries with ample supply and other features such as inbuilt recording, rangefinging and improved magnification to name but a few.

I’ve always been a little dubious about the reliable identification aspect of using thermal scopes for shooting quarry but at sensible ranges this is not an issue with the clarity of the image.

Fox identification is possible to at least 200 yards and with correct ballistic knowledge of your rifle shootable to over 300 yards, not that this is really needed with the covert nature of thermal allows you to close in on even the most wary of quarry undetected.

I’ve used these units to discreetly account for several foxes, rabbits and even wild boar in the short time I’ve had the pleasure of using them.

The Helion thermal spotter has also proved invaluable when stalking deer in dense woodland and recovering shot game, as well as being able to quickly scan a field in search of a wary fox.

To say I will be reluctant to hand these back will be an understatement, these units are real game changers for any serious pest controller or deer manager and I guarantee once you’ve used them you’ll not want to be without them!

Look out for my full video review coming up soon on The Night Vision Show.

Mark Ripley.

You can check out Mark's YouTube Channel 260Rips below (Warning Contains Hunting Imagery) and Mark will be supplying regular updates on his outings over the next few weeks.

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Ripley on Thermal - Products in Use