Light up the night, with the Tracer F900 Infrared Illuminator

The Tracer F900 IR Illuminator

Designed to provide an additional Infrared light source to both hand held night vision monoculars such as the Pulsar Digiforce 860 RT or the Pulsar Digiforce 860VS , as well as weapon mounted night vision such as The Pulsar N970 LRF or The Yukon Photon XT

The Tracer F900 is a high-power, long-range infrared illuminator, which is attached to either your riflescope via a supplied mount system or attached to your NV device by an adjustable picattiny mount (not supplied),to mount direct to a Pictainny rail on devices such as the Pulsar Digisight.

The F900 is capable of providing IR illumination to over 800m with a reliable detection. Whether you use a dedicated night vision (NV) scope, a digital or tubed NV scope add-on or night vision binoculars, the Tracer F900 will give you all the distance you need for spotting, accurately identifying and safely shooting your quarry.


  • Dimensions: 155mm 
  • Weight: 271 gram
  • Beam throw: Up to 800m (depending on NV device)
  • Interchangeable LED diodes (white, green, red available separately)

Kit includes

  • IR Flashlight
  • Adjustable mount for scope or NV attachment 
  • Charger
  • Lens Snood
  • 18650 Rechargeable battery
  • Rats Tail remote extension switch
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