Introducing Stream Vision from Pulsar - Record, Share and Stream from your Trail or Helion thermal

Introducing Stream Vision, the latest innovation from Pulsar, allowing users to control their devices, stream live video to the web, and also record and view footage from their Helion, Trail or other Pulsar device to their mobile phone.

Available in a large selection of the new models, the Pulsar Helion and Trail are the first devices in the Pulsar product line that support Stream Vision.

Stream Vision is a fusion of the software and hardware which allows the user to connect the NV monocular with Android/iOS running mobile unit via the Wi-Fi channel to receive image from the monocular in the real time mode, operate the monocular, to update software, to manage the files.

Also, Stream Vision provides direct transmission of video image captured by the monocular to Youtube. 

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The Stream Vision Mobile App

Stream Vision is an application that provides connection of your mobile devices with observation devices of Yukon or Pulsar via integrated WiFi interface. The application provides full control of observation device and its features. With the help of the application the user can connect smartphone to a thermal imaging or night vision device from Yukon or Pulsar and use smartphone as a mobile viewfinder, data share center or a remote control.

Pulsar Stream Vision


Mobile viewfinder 

Use your smartphone as a remote viewfinder for a night vision or thermal imaging device. 

Video and Photo recorder

Make photos and videos with the tap of one icon and store them on your Yukon Pulsar device.

Remote control 

Change your device’s settings remotely. Change image settings, adjust device’s interface and control device’s operation. 

Download tool 

Download photos and videos from your night vision or thermal imaging device to your smartphone or tablet. 

Sharing platform

Stream your videos or share your photos online, show your exciting moments to your friends 

Note: Certain features of Stream Vision application are available only when an observation device is connected to a smartphone via Wifi.

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