FLIR Spark Core Dual NVG Set Up Review by Corey

The ‘FLIR Spark Core Dual Night Vision Goggle Kit’ is an awesome set of equipment...Scott Country customer Corey reviews the Spark Core Dual bridge system.
Comprising of two Spark Core monoculars and bridge mount, it let me have the two-tube set up I wanted, but at a much more reasonable cost than most dual NVG's.

The kit (including the helmet mount I also ordered) took no time at all to put together, and within seconds I was looking through my first set of night vision, ready to conquer the darkness.Focusing the monoculars is extremely easy, with one dial for general focus, and another for fine tuning. When focused, the image is extremely clear, proving that even though it falls in the Gen1 category of night vision (due to one technical aspect), it definitely out performs most in the same generation.

As mentioned previously, I’m using this kit on my helmet, which is part of my airsoft gear. I will be using them for milsims that aren’t afraid to stop when the light vanishes, as well as night games run by every day skirmish sites. The only thing I would recommend (if you are planning on making a similar set up), is to purchase some sort of counter weight system for the rear of your helmet. This is because they are a little on the heavier side, but nothing too drastic, especially if you have your helmet sized right and tightened properly on the adjustment wheel and straps.

So, if you’re looking at delving into the night vision realm for the first time, and at a reasonable cost compared to most, then I highly recommend this kit, you won’t regret it.

Furthermore, if this is your first time buy, or even if it’s not, I highly recommend Scott Country as the place to go for your night vision needs.
With excellent customer service, easy to navigate website, and brilliant finance options, I wouldn’t hesitate ordering from them if I were you.

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