FLIR BNVD Dual Channel Night Vision Systems Review by Russell Baxter

For the last 14 months I have been dabbling in the world of night vision. Up until then my knowledge of night vision had been limited. It was only after doing some research and youtubing some videos that I gradually expanded my knowledge of it. I started off with the Armasight spark core which for my first NVG setup was an awesome bit of kit. A digital gen 1+ monocular for a budget that won’t break the bank. This also gave me a good grounding of using and adapting my style of airsoft play at night. I quickly made the jump from the spark core to the FLIR Binocular night vision device or BNVD for short. 

Having done some research, I contacted Scott Country international  who were able to give me some brief advice over the phone and arranged a time to drop into the shop to test and talk through all the equipment they had and find something taylor made for my needs and budget.

I left the shop with a massive grin on my face as a proud new owner of a set of FLIR BNVDs in HD. I couldn’t wait to test these and the first proper outing would be at the England v Scotland annual airsoft event hosted by, Stirling airsoft at Catterick.   

These NVDs originally come in a padded soft molle case from Armasight but Scott Country have went one better and provide a lovely Pelican case for all new purchases of Armasight equipment which is a really nice touch.

On opening up the case I realised how exceptional these are in build quality. The FLIR BNVD HD are a set of dual tubes, gen 2+ with HD clarity.

(Little ambient light around and no IR)

These are encased in a very well built and compact, composite housing which is very lite and extremely durable. They run on CR123 batteries or can run on AA or AAA as they come with an adapter to suit, built into the battery case. They also come with manual gain control, bright light cut off and an automatic shut off system. Initially during my time using them, I got bit frustrated as the automatic shut off would kick in after around an hour. I found it a bit if a pain out on the field but then realised having this isn’t such a bad idea. Yes you have the hassle of switching them off and on again but if you forget to turn them off as you finish using them then this could potentially save you from draining your battery or worse yet, burning your tubes if left on in a lit environment. You also get a comprehensive manual which shows everything from adjusting the focus to installing a bayonet mount. In purchasing this unit, I was surprised at the extras that come as standard. Some companies charge extra for what Armasight send you for free. You receive demisting shields on the eye lenses, sacrificial lenses which protect from branches, dust and debris, a bayonet adapter, a dove tail adapter and eye cups which are extremely comfortable.

Now some may say going for dual tubes to play airsoft is a bit extreme just for a game. And I would agree but the personal reason I went for dual tubes is that I just could not grasp the whole depth perception with a monocular. I would end up tripping over things regardless of how far or near I had the focus set at. With the dual tubes I could negotiate obstacles better and had a greater awareness of the depth perception. After running these for around 6 hours I barely noticed them on my helmet. I also didn’t have any eye fatigue which I usually got from a monocular. 

The second reason for picking the duals is that they looked cool as F*#K! and anything that looks cool gets my vote.

These BNVD units start at around £3900 which is probably a bit costly for some folk. For me it was a once in a lifetime purchase and something I will always use and if looked after, these units will hold their value. Needless to say, this is one of the most expensive purchases I have made during my time playing airsoft but its also been one of my best.  

Scott Country also do brilliant finance options which would help soften the blow on spending such a large amount of money.

If you are looking to start using night vision regardless of what you require it for I cannot recommend the guys at Scott Country highly enough. The advice and expertise is second to none and their customer service is exceptional. 

The FLIR BNVD-40 is available in High Definition and Quick Silver White Phosphor from stock, with options of Improved Definition as well as Gen 3 for law enforcement and Military customers only.

Go along and check out their equipment online and on Instagram.

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