Dual Night Vision Goggle Systems that won't break the bank - FLIR Spark Core Dual NVG

Dual Night Vision systems are designed for hands free helmet mounted operation, in situations where you need maximum situational awareness, with the capability to operate machinery, firearms or vehicles.

This technology comes at a premium cost, particularly if you require decent level of image quality...with the capability to detect, and identify quarry or threats at extended ranges.....introducing the FLIR Spark Core monocular, and FLIR Spark DUAL NVG Systems.

FLIR Spark Core Technology - 60-70lp/mm Gen 2 esque image resolution

The CORE technology Platform offers best in class resolution with a 60-70lp/mm increased photocathode sensitivity level, in upwards of 4000μA/lm. This provides an image quality in prevalent ambient light conditions that rivals high end Gen 2 image intensifier tubes.

Unlike Gen 1 image intensifier tubes that are made from glass, therefore fragile, CORE IIT's are made just like Gen 2 and Gen 3, by fusing metal alloys with ceramic compounds.

CORE technology is based on durable elements and allows tight component stacking, resulting in image tubes that are exceptionally shock proof and vibration resistance.

Field Performance

Whilst the Spark Core offers a high resolution synonymous with Gen 2+ devices, like all night vision devices, in complete darkness, some form of IR will be required.

The Spark Core features an integrated short range IR illuminator which is fine for CQB work, but for extended ranges an additional IR will be required.

At night in an urban or rural area with ambient starlight or moon light the Spark Core really excels, and offers remarkable performance for the money.

The image below shows a Dual Spark Core set up in 100% darkness using the integrated IR illuminators.

FLIR Spark Core Dual Night Vision output

Dual Or Single NVG

I have used the FLIR BNVD-40 dual channel night vision systems, and whilst they are costly (Circa £4-5k) they are quite remarkable with a situational awareness at night that you have to experience to believe.

Whilst the Spark Core wont offer the same low light sensitivity as high end Gen 2+ devices such as the BNVD-40, with a little IR, or prevalent ambient light that you find in urban areas, the Spark Core are close to being equally impressive at short to mid ranges.

FLIR Spark Core Helmet Mounted Monocular

The Spark Core as a single night vision monocular is incredibly versatile and can be used hand held, helmet mounted as a single night vision observation device, or even attached to your rifle, behind a reflex sight or attached to a day scope to convert to night vision. 

This single observation point allows one eye to remain free for shouldering a rifle, or for maintaining natural night vision moving from light to dark.

FLIR Spark Core Dual Night Vision Systems

The Spark Core Dual NVG kit consists of two Spark Core Night Vision monoculars and a FLIR Bridge mount which incorporates a mini dovetail mount, as found on three sides of the Spark.  This allows you to mount two SPARK's side by side for a dual tube night vision goggle set up, with independently flip up options on either side, for mounting to a helmet and having one, or both in operation.

Its worth noting that the BNVD-40 systems have integrated switches which turn off each tube as you flip them up, this doesnt happen in the Spark as it has no way of knowing its dual mounted and tilted up.

You can also flip both up on your helmet using your helmet mount, or tilt both tubes up for normal use in daylight, but remember to turn them off first!

FLIR Spark Core Dual NVG in flipped up position.

You can find out more about the new Flir Systems Spark Core Dual NVG by clicking on the link below