A Different ball game-Pulsar Trail XQ50 and Helion XQ38F review by Mark Ripley

In the latest months issue of Rifle Shooter magazine, well known Long range shooter mark ripley reviews the Pulsar Trail XQ50 and Pulsar Helion XQ38F in use on the local foxes.

The new Pulsar Trail XQ50 has a 2.7x-10.8x magnification, 1800m detection range , built in recording and Picture in Picture mode making it the perfect Thermal Riflescope for Foxing. Mark also brings along his Pulsar Helion XQ38F making it easy for spotting the foxes. The Helion XQ38F hand held thermal imager comes with a 3.1x-12.4x magnification and an incredible 1350m detection range. Read the article below to find out Marks thoughts on both the Trail XQ50 and Helion XQ38F. To see view more of Mark Ripley you can visit his Youtube channel 260rips.