The CoyoteLight CL1 Hunting Light is perfect for mounting onto your rifle and providing a fantastic light source for when your out lamping for foxes and other animals. It will lamp out to longer ranges compared to the CoyoteLight Products. 

A quick description about the CoyoteLight CL1 Hunting light:

The Coyote Light Predator CL1 is the latest innovation in gun mounted and held held spot lights from CoyoteLight with a tight spot beam and long distance throw making it ideal for lamping foxes, and vermim control on air rifle, rimfire and centrefire.

With 4hrs run time on a single charge on full power the Coyote Light CL1 provides a tighter beam than the standard Coyotelight Predator, but delivers the same power output for long range foxing with a narrower beam, making it ideal for scope mounted applications.

Provides a much cleaner light than any other gun light on the market....including the original Coyotelight we may add!

Will run for 32hrs on 25% power.

With a identification range of 500yards on a fox, the CL1 is more than capable for long range foxing in the UK.

Fully adjustable in beam power output, for scanning and then maxing out to full power for iong range shots.

Uses a picatinny rail system with 30mm or 1inch scope clamp to attach to your day scope, or handle for hand held spotting.

Comes complete with batteries and charger.

The technical details:

  • High performance lifetime solid state LED rated at 65,000 hours
  • Fully adjustable light intensity control.  On/off and 0 – 100% adjustable
  • Extreme battery life.  Four hours on full power.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on housing, 5-year warranty on electronics
  • Replaceable 26650 Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Use as handheld or gun scope mounted
  • Variable focus for adjusting spot to flood light
  • Light-up predator’s eyes at over 800 yards
  • Light weight and portable
  • Designed, Engineered, & Manufactured in the USA
  • Operating Temperature 14F(-10C) to 120F(50C)
  • Weight 10.4oz
  • Dimensions 6 7/8″ x 2 1/4″

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