Product Improved - Chris Parkin takes a look at the new Helion XQ50F from Scott Country International

After trying the Pulsar Quantum XD38 and XQ50 last year, Gunmart magazines' Chris Parkin sets out to see what the latest Helion version of Pulsars' thermal monoculars is able to deliver.

"It (The Pulsar Night Vision Helion) is equally useful in both daylight and darkness, as naturally camouflaged animals do pop out at you in daylight through obscuring foliage and in darkness, rabbits are visible beyond 500-metres in short grass, with unobscured foxes and large deer almost double. Identification of possible quarry and location is obvious but identification needs cautious attention to detail." Chris Parkin - Gunmart Magazine.

The latest in hand held thermal imaging, the new Pulsar Helion XQ50F features the latest 17µm, 384x288 thermal core, to deliver market leading thermal images when hunting or spotting wildlife, delivering up to 1800m detection via 4.1x to 16.4x mag and advanced features such as integrated video recording, and wifi integration with iOS and Android mobile devices, delivering the very best quality image through eight user selectable colour palettes.

The new Pulsar Helion XQ50F combines the latest technological advances with market leading performance, to provide the user with a detection range of up to 1.8km allowing detection and observation of wildlife, humans or quarry at much further distances than previously possible with the previous Quantum XQ50 model.

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