Buyers Guide To Night Vision

A Buyers Guide to Digital Night Vision

Digital NV devices use a CCD sensor and digital image processing combined with Infra Red illuminators to provide crisp clear image reproduction at night, as well as during the day.

Traditional tube NV devices are damaged by daylight, and therefore can only be used at night, but as these new digital models do not rely on the old tube intensifiers, they can be used for daytime viewing as well as night time.

Ideal for wildlife monitoring, hunting and security purposes with the performance and price to suit all budgets.

Pulsar Digisight Ultra N250

The new Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital Riflescopes provide a full colour HD image by day, switching to night vision at night with a man sized detection range of up to 500m and a 5x to 40x variable magnification...making the new Pulsar Digisight Ultra Night Vision riflescope the perfect 24/7 hunting solution.

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The Digisight Ultra N250 and N230 employs a high resolution 1280x1024 CMOS sensor for stunning detail, even at significant distances, providing 24/7 use, with full colour viewing by day, 5x optical mag with up to 8x digital zoom, and state of the art advanced features.

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Pulsar Digiforce 860 RT

The new Pulsar Digiforce 860RT is a hand held night vision monocular designed for observing wildlife at night, with advanced features including wifi and video recording.

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The Pulsar Digiforce 860RT is a compact and light weight Digital Night Vision Monocular. It is the most advanced scope in its series offering improved performance, the unit is resistant to bright light exposure, making it ideal for a wide range of applications and featuring a 6 to 13x magnification.


Nite Site RTek Night Vision Add On

The easiest way to transform your day scope to night vision, the Nite Site RTek range is available in three models, 100m Viper, 300m Wolf and 500m Eagle.

Convert your day scope into a state of the art night vision riflesope with the NiteSite Eagle RTEK Night Vision Kit with up to 500m identification at night, onboard video recording and advanced features and performance ompared to the original NiteSite Eagle Night Vision.


The Eagle RTEK night vision add on kit converts your day scope (there’s no need to remove it) into a powerful night vision system that is quick and simple to set up.

Using five state of the art infrared illuminators in a unique way making it more affordable, reliable and user friendly than traditional light amplification technologies.

Nite Site Eagle RTEK is for the hunter who wants a product without limitations and is the perfect night vision unit for any hunter, delivering high quality, clear night vision through any day vision rifle scope.


Yukon Photon RT 6x Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The new Yukon Photon RT 6x50 is a digital night vision riflescope, with advanced features, now providing 6x to 12x variable mag, twinned with enhanced recognition distances up to 280m, a staggering range for a budget night vision riflescope.


Designed for air rifle, rimfire and centrefire use, the new Yukon Photon RT 6x50 provides extended recognition distances over the Photon XT with the added bonus of video recording, wifi and a 786x586 sensor to deliver crisp precise imagery.

With user selectable reticles, high night time sensitivity and day capability, the new Photon RT 6x50 night vision riflescope brings high performance nocturnal hunting to a remarkable price point.

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