ATN Night Arrow 6x Gen 2+ Night Vision Riflescope on test with Mike Powell

Mike Powell is well known for his monthly articles in the shooting press including Sporting Rifle, but he is also a professional vermin controller using the very latest night vision and thermal imagers in the field on a nightly basis. 

this product is no longer sold at scott country!

The up to date equivelent of the ATN night arrow is the Pulsar ARGUS LRF G2+ 4x60 Night Vision Riflescope

The new Pulsar Argus LRF G2+ is a Generation 2+ image intensifier night vision riflescope with an integrated laser rangefinder and electronic reticle in an analogue image intensifier.

This night vision riflescope combines the laser distance measurement data and aiming capabilities of the digital night vision systems currently available, with the formidable light amplification power of an advanced night vision riflescope.

Pulsar Argus LRF G2+ night vision will open up a new chapter in the world of advanced night vision weapon systems.

With no mechanical adjustments, the possibilities for automatic digital cross hair corrections are endless.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder 

Precise shooting requires an exact knowledge of the distance to the target. The Argus’s integrated laser rangefinder has a range of up to 500m and allows the user to measure the distance in a single measuring mode, as well as in scanning mode with precision of up to 1 meter (yard).

THD & AoE 

When shooting in conditions of changing landscapes and from elevated distances it is reccomended that users use the THD (True Horizontal Distance) measuring mode - in this mode the rangefinder takes into account the angle of a shooter’s elevation relative to a target (AoE; it’s value is also displayed on the screen) and calculates true horizontal distance to an object.

Selectable Reticles 

The Argus’s LRF has 4 built in electronic reticles (digitally introduced in the field of view) with adjustable brightness and all of which were designed to suit different purposes and configurations, providing the user with more options to cater for their situation specific needs. 

3 Types of zeroing parameters memorisation 

The software allows the user to save three points of impact for three various distances (types of weapon or cartridges) in the rifle-scope’s memory. Each option allows the use of a dedicated reticle. 

High shock resistance The Argus LRF riflescope features a high shock resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapons and with cartridges such as 9.3x64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc. as well as with smooth-bore and airsoft weapons. 

Built-in IR illuminator 

The Argus LRF riflescope is supplied with a removable laser IR illuminator (780 nm) complying with Class 1 laser safety and features three-step power adjustment. 

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It takes a lot to impress Mike when it comes to night vision these days, but when we sent him the new ATN Night Arrow 6x Gen 2+ WPT, he found the "results were not far short of amazing". 

Night Arrow WPT - providing significantly better detail, contrast and depth perception

"Used for military applications, WPT users report a significantly better degree of detail, overall contrast, full moon similarity and range of shades, providing more discriminating shades of intensity between white and black, than between green and black, resulting in better contrast and depth perception when compared to green phosphor image intensifiers."   ATN Corp

Mike uses night vision on a regular basis, for both his writing, and for his pest control business, and over the years although has gone on to use the latest hand held digital thermal spotting devices, he is a die hard image intensifier riflescope user, and currently uses a Longbow as his "weapon of choice".

We sent Mike the new ATN Night Arrow, in the 6x magnification format with the new White Phosphor image intensifier tube for him to try. 

 This device uses a new type of techonology called White Phosphor Technology, which provides users with a Black and White night vision image, similar to a digital night vision device, but with vastly increased definition, clarity and detection ranges.

Although the Night Arrow Gen 2+ is available in traditional image intensifier green (£1299) studies show that night time scenes appear remarkable more natural in black and white, providing clearer information about contrast, shapes and shadows, allowing the user to

 identify at longer ranges, and take more precise shots ensuring accurate culling of vermin.

The ATN Night Arrow 6x Gen 2+ night vision from ATN is a rugged Night Vision Riflescope that provides excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities for the demanding sports shooter or varmint hunter.

The best optics, tubes and performance make the ATN Night Arrow 6 one of the best commercial NV Weapon Scopes!

Retailing at under £2000 the new White Phosphor Gen 2+ Night Arrow delivers stunning long range results. With the Green Phosphor Gen 2+ 6x riflescope retailing under £1300, they present remarkable performance for the money.

You can read Mike's brief review of the new ATN Night Arrow Gen 2+ WPT below, and see the full in-depth feature in the next edition of Sporting Rifles magazine.

Mike Powell - ATN Night Arrow Gen2+ WPT Night Vision Riflescope review

Since night vision became generally available to night shooters here in the UK I have had a wide variety of all types through my hands to test and review. 

Clearly some have been better than others but with one exception the Night Arrow really struck me as being something rather special. 

The exception was the Longbow with a green screen however for the first time it has a serious rival. Normally with the “green screen” image intensifier type of unit the more infra red you use the better the picture, when I first received the Night Arrow this was the path I followed and was not too impressed as the White Phosphor screen was almost obliterated by the IR.

Soon however it dawned on me that with the Night Arrow where IR was concerned less was more and the supplied IR unit unlike most others I have tried was perfect for the job. 

In fact I received the Night Arrow when there was a half moon and in truth IR wasn’t even needed, as the moon increased the results were not far short of amazing! 

Sheep could be seen some 500yards away and the somewhat horrified farmer watched as rabbits 300yards away attacked the newly spouted rape. 

As with all night vision as time passes you learn how to get more out of it, however, it’s hard to see where improvements will come with the new ATN Night Arrow.

Mike Powell