Pursuing the Predator - With something a little bit special - Countrymans Weekly Wicked Lights review.

The new Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit is a revolutionary new high power gun light system for lamping foxes or controling vermin, featuring a centre axis rotational 3 in 1 colour LED system to deliver a stunning bright red, white or green selectable beam with a super high power beam throw that is unrivalled in a switchable colour hunting lamp, with no diodes or pills to change.

Designed in the US using precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminium, the Wicked Hunting Lights A67ic Predator delivers a beam which will provide identification of your quarry well in excess of any targetable distance, with a crystal clear beam for the ultimate in target aquisition.

Switch between White, Green and Red (An Infrared version is also available) and adjust power and beam throw in a second, delivering unrivalled performance....but dont take our word for it.....Vulpes from Countrymans Weekly has been putting it through its paces in this weeks issue of the mag which you can read below.

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