7 Day Demo Service at Scott Country International

Interested in trying the latest Pulsar hand held thermal imager, or the latest Nite Site RTEK Night Vision add-on....at Scott Country we offer a 7 Day Night Vision demo service, to allow you to try the latest kit in the field before making a decision on what to buy.

How does the 7 Day Demo Service work?

The customer would place an order with us by telephone, requesting specifically that they require a 7 Day Demo trial, and we would then charge the customer the full amount, and despatch the unit to them for next day delivery.

The customer would then have the unit for 7 days to use in the field as you would with a normal device, without worry of getting it wet and dirty (within reason of course) during normal use.

After the 7 days, the customer would then return the unit to us, and if impressed with the performance and wishing to complete a purchase, we would then simply send a brand new boxed and sealed unit, with no extra charge for next day delivery.

Should you decide the unit is not for you, then simply return the unit, and we would then refund the purchase price, minus an admin fee to cover product wear and tear, and carriage to the customer.

Details on admin fees are below. Return carriage of the unit to Scott Country is paid by the customer.

Pulsar Helion Demo Service

Admin Fees applicable to return demo units.

    • Night Vision with a retail value up to £750 - Admin Fee £50
    • Night Vision with a retail value from £750- £1500 - Admin Fee £75
    • Night Vision with a retail value from £1500- £2500 - Admin Fee £100
    • Night Vision with a retail value from £2500- £3500  - Admin Fee £125
    • Night Vision with a retail value over £3500- Admin Fee £150

Which units do you offer on 7 Day Demo Service.

We have the following dedicated demo units which have been used for demo purposes, but are fully functioning units, checked and supplied with all accessories and necessary power supply before despatch for demo.

  • Pulsar Helion XQ50 Thermal Imager
  • Pulsar Helion XP50 Thermal Imager
  • Pulsar Trail XQ50 Thermal Riflescope
  • Pulsar Trail XP Thermal Riflescope
  • Pulsar Argus Gen 2+ Digital Night Vision with Integrated LRF
  • Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Imager
  • Pulsar Quantun Lite XQ23V Thernal Imager
  • Pulsar Core FXQ50 Front Mounted Thermal Imager
  • Pulsar Phantom Gen 2+ 4x60 Riflescope
  • Pulsar Digisight N970LRF Digital Night Vision
  • Pulsar Forward Night Vision Add On
  • Nite Site Eagle and Wolf Night Vision Add-On
  • Nite Site RTek Scope Mounted Rangefinder
  • Nite Site RTek Eagle or Wolf Night Vision
  • Nite Site Spotter Hand Held Night Vision
  • Cobra Blade Gen 2+ Pro Night Vision Add-On
  • Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50
  • Seek Reveal XR and Pro
  • Seek Compact XR and Pro
  • Thermoteknix TiCam 750LR (by arrangement at our premises only)

Chris Parkin Core FXQ50

The 7 Day Demo service does not replace your consumer rights when purchasing a product in a non face to face transaction, it simply allows you to USE the device in the field before making your mind up on the purchase.

Delivery to customers will be strictly only delivered to the card registered address for security reasons.

We cannot provide a demo service to non UK resident customers, even if they are currently on holiday within the UK.