1. Wicked Hunting Lights - Not just "ANOTHER TORCH"
  2. Is the new Wicked Hunting Light the best lamp yet - Graham Allen from Gunmart finds out
  3. Mark Ripley tests a brilliant little NV Add On in this months Rifle Shooter
  4. Wicked Lights - Rifle Shooters Mark Ripley puts this new kit through it's paces
  5. Wicked Performance - Airgun World reviews the new Wicked Hunting Lights
  6. Pursuing the Predator - With something a little bit special - Countrymans Weekly Wicked Lights review.
  7. FLIR Scout TK  Field test and review
  8. Phill Price from Airgunner Magazine reviews the Pulsar Helion XQ19F
  9. Unwelcome Visitors- Foxing with Mark Ripley.
  10. Introducing EOTech at Scott Country International
  11. On the hunt for Hogs with Mark Ripley
  12. The Longest Nights - Foxing in winter with Sporting Rifles Mike Powell

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