Thermal imagers are designed for 24/7 use, detecting heat signatures from wildlife, vehicles, humans and surrounding structures.

A thermal imaging monocular or thermal riflescope can be used in daylight, low light and complete darkness, even in conditions such as fog, rain, snow or obstacles such as bushes, foliage etc even when traditional night vision struggles to provide an image.

Designed for hunting, pest control, wildlife observation, security and surveillance, hand held thermal imagers, and thermal imaging riflescopes such as Pulsar Apex provide the ultimate in long range detection and identification providing ranges of detection in excess of 1km.

Modern hand held thermal imagers can be used for spotting wildlife, tracking quarry, thermal deer surveys and for survellance.

Pulsar Quantum Thermal imagers can be used in poor weather conditions and will give the capability to detect heat targets even through rain, fog or mist.