A Night Vision device allows the user to see unassisted in low light, and complete darkness, using digital sensors, image intensifier tubes and infrared illuminators.

Available as hand held night vision, night vision riflescopes, night vision goggles and hand held nightvision monoculars, we can provide a solution tailored to your requirement whether you are hunting at night, controlling foxes, carrying out pest control or controlling an invasive species.

Digital NV devices use a CCD sensor and digital image processing combined with Infra Red illuminators to provide crisp clear image reproduction at night, as well as during the day.

Traditional tube NV devices are damaged by daylight, and therefore can only be used at night, but as these new digital models do not rely on the old tube intensifiers, they can be used for daytime viewing as well as night time.

Ideal for wildlife monitoring, hunting and security purposes with the performance and price to suit all budgets.