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Lastest news from Scott Country

Scott Country Pro Staff member Tony Kane on a high tech nocturnal farmyard hunt with Airgun World
The world of night vision and thermal imaging is always changing with new models, enhancements and technology coming to the market place, at a price that is now quite frankly unbelievable, Chris Parkin from Airgun World spends a night with Scott Country Pro Staff member Tony using the latest high en...[more]
Rifle Shooter magazine reviews the new Pulsar Quantum XQ50
With a detection range of up to 1800m, super fast start up time, 50hz refresh and state of the art thermal detection the new Pulsar Quantum XQ50 is THE choice of hand held thermal imager for the hunting professional. Chris Parkin from Rifle Shooter magazine puts it through its paces in this months i...[more]
New Scott Country Christmas Catalogue Now Available
The new 2016 Scott Country Christmas Catalogue is now available to order. Visit our website and register for your free postal copy.Click here to order a copy of our new catalogue to be posted to you....[more]
We take a look at Modern Laser Rangefinding for stalking and foxing
It is often very difficult to judge distances when hunting, that buck that looks only 150yards may actually be in a dip and is actually 250yards, this is even more exaggerated when light fails and the human eye finds it difficult to judge distances. We take a look at three of the best laser rangefin...[more]
New Pulsar Quantum XQ Thermal Imagers
In July 2016, Pulsar launch the new Pulsar Quantum XQ Thermal Imagers which replace the Quantum XD, with increased performance, and new functions and features.Just what is the difference between the new Pulsar Quantum XQ and the current Quantum XDS series of hand held thermal.We have been asked lots...[more]
Chris Parkin from Gunmart reviews the new ATN Bino X Day/Night Vision
We sent, well known and respected optics expert, Chris Parkin from Gunmart a pair of the new ATN Bino X 4-16x Day/Night Vision binoculars down for review and he put them through their paces in this months issue of Gunmart.Editors Note: Chris stated that there is no interocular adjustment on the ATN ...[more]
Choosing the right hand held Pulsar Thermal Imager
Just what is the difference between the Quantum XD series and HD series?We are often asked what the main difference between these units are, but like everything in the electronics world, its simply an evolution of technology offering better performance, and advanced features.Firstly lets talk about ...[more]
Interest Free and Low Rate Finance options now available at Scott Country International
We are now offering a low rate interest option as well as interest free options on a range of night vision and thermal imaging products at Scott Country InternationalHow do i apply?UK resident customers can apply for finance either online or by calling one of our finance approved sales team who can ...[more]
Out foxing with the Flextone FLX Predator Call by Mike Powell
Out foxing with the Flextone FLX Predator Call by Mike Powell There are an ever increasing number of digital callers on the market.....some better than others. Scott Country sent me one of their “Vengeance FLX100” callers to put through its paces.Made by the Texas based firm of WGI Innovatio...[more]
Meet the Scott Country Pro Staff - Our field team testing and reviewing the latest kit
Meet the Pro StaffAt Scott Country we are very lucky to have a dedicated team of Pro Staff who use all the new kit on the market before it hits the shelves. Ironing out potential issues, recommending improvements and testing to the extremes is all part of their job.Something else we plan on doing is...[more]
Ratting with the Yukon Photon XT 6.5x Night Vision Riflescope
The Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50 Night Vision Riflescope is our entry level night scope which is suitable for air rifle through to centrefire and is ideal for ratting, rabbiting and foxing up to 150m when twinned with a high power infrared illuminator.Currently we are offering the Yukon Photon XT 6.5x at ...[more]
Want to try out the latest night vision equipment?
Interested in trying the latest Pulsar hand held thermal imager, or the latest Nite Site RTEK Night Vision add-on, well at Scott Country we offer a 7 Day Night Vision demo service, to allow you to try the latest kit in the field before making a decision on what to buy.We have a large range of dedica...[more]
A Stormy Night with Nite Site - Pro Staff Member James heads to the field with the latest night vision.
I was over the moon to receive some kit from testing from Nite Site a few weeks back. I’ve never used Nite Site products before, having always previously chosen to use dedicated night vision scopes, I hadn’t ventured into the world of add-on night vision, so I was intrigued to see just how useful if...[more]
ISO Quality Award for Scott Country International
Following an assessment by an independent organisation Scott Country International has been successful in achieving ISO 9001 certification.This international recognised prestigious award for quality is an International Standard in use worldwide as the benchmark for quality.The award recognises Scott...[more]
Long Range Foxing with the Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal Riflescope
The Pulsar Apex XD75 Thermal imager provides a 1600m max detection range (man sized object) with a 3-6x magnification and a 50hz refresh.Using a state of the art thermal microbolometer the Apex XD75 sees the infrared heat energy from objects up to extreme distances, allowing you to use picture in pi...[more]
New 2015 Spypoint Wildlife Camera Range
The new range of wildlife camera traps from Spypoint have arrived, featuring the latest innovations in trail cam technology including super fast trigger times, zero second delay between triggers, mobile data transfer and multiple sensor zones, to provide the ultimate resource whether you are monitor...[more]
James Burchell tests the new Laserluchs 5000 IR illuminator with the ATN X Sight Day/Night Riflescope
Laserluchs 5000 IR Illuminator ReviewSo i received a new Laserluchs 5000 LED IR Illuminator from Paul at Scott Country International for a test. Getting a box with the Scott Country International parcel tape on is always exciting, but this promised to be something a bit special!Opening the box, the ...[more]
Airgun World reviews the new ATN X Sight Day/Night Vision Riflescope
Terry Doe and the team at Airgun World review the new ATN X Sight 3-12x and 5-18x day night vision riflescope in this articleThe new ATN X Sight has taken the world by storm, and in this review the team at Airgun World follow up their initial report on the X Sight, since the new firmware has been pu...[more]
Pulsar Digisight N870 LRF Digital Night Vision Riflescope review
Perhaps an obvious direction in product development, the actual implentation of a laser range finder into a night vision riflescope is more challenging that it seems. No wonder as once with the Digisight itself - the Pulsar brand is trailblazing the LRF capabilities combined with the NV scopes.The L...[more]
Guiding Light - Sporting Rifles Mike Powell reviews the new Guide IR510 Thermal
Mike Powell from Sporting Rifle magazine puts the new Guide IR510 Thermal Imager through its paces in this months magazine.With a detection range of up to 400m (Man Sized Object), the new Guide IR510 Thermal is ideal for wildlife spotting, security and surveillance and for vermin control, allowing y...[more]
Next Day Delivery service with 1hr delivery window, now shipping with DPD Couriers.
As of the 1st October we now ship UK and Europe parcels with DPD couriers, so whether you need a thermal imager for a wildlife survey, or a pair of wellingtons for a wet and muddy day on the hill, we can ship stock items Next Day for delivery with a timed 1hr window. (UK mainland only)We can even de...[more]
Thermal Imager Buying Guide - An introduction to thermal imaging.
An introduction to Thermal ImagingAll objects emit infrared energy as heat. By detecting very subtle temperature differences of everything in view, infrared (or thermal imaging) technology is able to reveal what would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Even in challenging weather conditions or...[more]
Fox Spotter Supreme – Gun Mart magazine tests the Pulsar Quantum HD38S thermal monocular.
Pulsar’s popular HD38S is a “brilliant little thermal monocular”, according to the latest edition of Gun Mart magazine. Reviewer Jules Whicker shot more than a dozen foxes over two weeks, thanks to this thermal imaging camera which is available from Scott Country International. ...[more]
New Ridgeline Monsoon Elite Smock arrives at Scott Country
The new Ridgeline Monsoon Elite Smock has arrived at Scott Country, packed full of features the Monsoon has taken a huge step forward, with the new RL Tex Pro breathable and waterproof membrane.Some people criticised the previous Monsoon II Euro smock for having restricted breathability, causing a b...[more]
Raising your pulse - Airgunner magazine tests the new Pulsar Digisight N750A
The latest revolution in night vision technology is almost space-age, according to the new edition of Air Gunner magazine. Reviewer Charlie McFee was blown away by the Pulsar Digisight N750A night vision scope which he tested for the July edition of the publication - out now. Available now...[more]
Digital Watch! - New Night Vision review by Air Gunner Magazine.
The latest night vision riflescopes from the likes of Pulsar, Yukon and Starlight have really taken the market by storm, and Airgunner Magazine put a few of the latest models through their paces, which you can read for yourself at the bottom of this page.Charlie McFee from Airgunner magazine starts ...[more]
The new Nite Site Digital Night Vision range for 2014/15
In this initial feature night vision review, we look at the new Nite Site Digital Night Vision range for 2014. Packed with new products including the fantastic Nite Site Spotter Xtreme hand held digital night vision spotter, through to three new levels of digital night vision add on kits, the Eagle,...[more]
British Shooting Show Review - Our first stand at the event by Scott Country
Scott Country at the British Shooting Show 2014This was the first time we have exhibited at the event, with our supplier Thomas Jacks having been there last year, we quickly learnt that the event was right up our street.Our new stand was aired for the first time using our bespoke Striking Displays s...[more]
Pulsar Forward DFA75 Mk2 Set Up Guide by Byron Pace
Setting up your Pulsar Forward DFA75 Mk2The Pulsar Forward DFA75 is a state of the art digital night vision device which is front mounted to your dayscope to convert your day optics into a night vision riflescope.Using a cover ring adaptor system you attach the adaptor to your riflescope choosing ei...[more]
Upgrading your Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision Riflescope
The Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision Riflescope has taken the market by storm. Retailing at under £400 this digital night vision riflescope offers 190m man size detection out of the box, and is a reliable easy to use solution for hunting vermin at night on air rifle, rim fire and centre fire.T...[more]
Scott Country Christmas Gift Ideas
Whether you are looking for a present for a gamekeeper, wildlife enthusiast, hunter, or person who loves the great outdoors, at Scott Country we have a huge range of gift ideas in our 2013 Christmas Gift Selection page.You can also view our recent 2013 Christmas Newsletter for more ideas and gift su...[more]
The Thermal Advantage - How the latest thermal imagers offer a huge advantage in the field over traditional night vision.
The Thermal AdvantageA thermal imager is the ideal companion for wildlife observation, foxing at night, or for wildlife surveys. Scott Country stock a large range of thermal imagers from manufacturers such as Pulsar with their Quantum Series, Thermoteknix, and Guide IR thermal devices.Picture a wild...[more]
The IR illuminator fight is on - NM400IR vs Pulsar X850
We team up with the crew from www.thenightvisionshow.tv to put the new Nightmaster NM400IR and just launched Pulsar X850 IR illuminator through their paces in the field for the ultimate budget IR illuminator group test to find out which unit is the best in real life conditions.Two of the leading man...[more]
New Nightmaster NM400IR illuminator launched at Scott Country Show
The new Nightmaster NM400IR illuminator has arrived at the right time with the launch of the new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision. This high power IR illuminator offers fantastic performance at a brilliant price point.Opening the boxThe new Nightmaster NM400IR infrared illuminator arrived a day bef...[more]
Yukon Photon reviewed by two leading UK Hunting Magazines
The Yukon Photon digital night vision riflescope is a brand new addition to the night vision riflescope portfolio at Scott Country. An "all in one unit" with riflescope and night vision monocular mated to make a dedicated night vision scope with built in Infrared illuminator.The brand new Yukon Phot...[more]
Yukon Photon 5x42 Night Vision - Review by Robert Mc Cole
Review of new Yukon Photon 5 x 42 Digital Night Vision by Robert Mc Cole I was one of the few who took delivery of one of the Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision units at the tail end of last week from Scott Country.  Those of us who were interested in getting one have be...[more]
The new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision has arrived
The new Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision Riflescope is an original combination of a digital riflescope and daylight sight to make a dedicated night vision riflescope for use in low light and in complete darkness, as well as in daylight for set up and zeroing.Equipped with a built in laser eye safe ...[more]
Pulsar Forward DFA75 Press Release
Pulsar have implemented a product enhancement programme on the Pulsar Forward DFA75 based on feedback gained from the initial launch of the Pulsar Forward DFA75. As a gesture of goodwill, Thomas Jacks Ltd, the exclusive distributor for Pulsar in the UK & Ireland, is offering, until the ...[more]
The new 2016 Scott Country New Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Catalogue
Our new Scott Country catalogue is now available.The latest catalogue is our first "Night Vision Special" and is packed with the latest hand held thermal imagers, thermal riflescopes, night vision and wildlife cameras.Click here to view our current ONLINE CATALOGUE VERSION. but the new catalogue wi...[more]
Setting up the new Pulsar Forward DFA75 - Byron Pace from Sporting Rifles Set Up Explanation
The new Pulsar Forward DFA75 is a state of the art front mounting digital night vision add-on to convert your day scope into a night vision riflescope without having to re-zero.As this device is brand new and technical difficult to initially configure, Sporting Rifle have created their own DFA75 set...[more]
New Spypoint Wildlife Cameras for 2013/2014
New Spypoint HD Wildlife Cameras: Introducing a new range of features and functions, the new range of Spypoint HD Wildlife cameras are ideal for covert surveillance, wildlife research and for scouting game over large areas with 720P HD Video capture.Whats New for 2013?One of the biggest innovations ...[more]
Pulsar Forward DFA75: First Look at the latest Digital Night Vision from Pulsar.
The Pulsar Forward DFA75 front mounted digital add on, is a first from Pulsar, and allows the user to swap the night vision device from rifle to rifle without having a dedicated night vision sight. We take a look at the Scott Country demo unit from box opening to fitting on the rifle. The demo unit ...[more]
Choosing the right Night Vision rifle scope for your air rifle
When choosing a night vision device for your air rifle you will need to consider the following. First of all, are you looking for a dedicated night vision scope or a night vision add on which converts your existing rifle day scope into a true night vision device. Your next and biggest considera...[more]
Modern Gamekeeping magazine looks at which Night Vision works best for you?
Night Vision is constantly evolving, and with the latest Thermal Imagers, hand held night vision monoculars, and digital night vision weapon sights from companies like Pulsar and Yukon, high performance night vision has never been more affordable.Mike Powell is a magazine feature writer for Sporting...[more]
Sporting Rifle Magazine reviews the new Pulsar Quantum HD38 Thermal Imagers
Sporting Rifle Magazine review the new Pulsar Quantum HD38 Thermal Imager.Last year Pulsar introduced thermal imagers into their product range, with the range topping Pulsar Quantum HD38 offering a staggering, and realistic 900m detection range when viewing wildlife at night.Using state of the art m...[more]
Increasing the viewing range of the Pulsar Digisight N750 with the Nightmaster 800IR Infrared illuminator.
The Night Master 800IR is a new breed of infrared illuminator which outperforms most of it's competitors, offering a brilliant infrared illumination source with none of the patching or spots commonly found in infrared laser illuminators.The Pulsar Digisight N750 is designed for long range wildlife o...[more]
Light up the night, with the new Night Master Night Vision IR Illuminator
Introducing the Night Master 800 IR Flashlight, a new breed of infrared illuminator for night vision monoculars, and night vision riflescopes such as the Pulsar Digisight N750 capable of providing IR illumination out to 800 metres, and offering a reliable recognition range of up to 500m (depending o...[more]
New Ridgeline Grizzly Fleece Jacket arrives at Scott Country
Looking for that extra warmth this winter whilst still being lightweight and breathable, well the new Ridgeline Grizzly Fleece Jacket is packed with everything you need for enjoying the great outdoors in all weather conditions.Retailing at £69.99, the Ridgeline Grizzly Fleece Jacket is designe...[more]
Using Night Vision Riflescopes and Digital Night Vision in Air Soft Skirmish
Using Night Vision in Airsoft Skirmish Games.Digital Night Vision riflescopes and add on DSA Night Vision are ideal for hunting and vermin control, however they have other applications such as wildlife observation and airsoft tactical uses.The Pulsar Digisight N750 for example is a state of the art ...[more]
Gunmart Magazine's Bruce Potts gives the first independant review of the Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision
The Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision Riflescope is the long anticipated latest model in the popular Pulsar Digisight series of Digital Night Vision. Bruce Potts from Gunmart Magazine puts it through its paces in this months magazine with a full indepth review of how the Digisight performs ...[more]
New Harkila Clothing Products for 2012-2013 at www.scottcountry.co.uk
This year the clothing footwear and accessory range from Harkila is one of the most advanced collections ever. Individual models have been tested and adapted to the varying scenarios we are all faced with, using the most technical fabrics and design, to ensure a range of performance clothing, footwe...[more]
Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision : First Look Review at the latest digital night vision riflescope from Pulsar.
The Pulsar Digisight N750 Digital Night Vision is the long anticipated updated version of the popular Digisight N550. Although the N550 will continue, the N750 Digisight offers increased perfomance, digital push button zoom, built in IR laser, and an OLED high resolution display to offer stunning pe...[more]
Visit Scott Country in the BBC Countryfile Area Gardeners World Live 2012 Stand C127
BBC Gardeners World Live comes to the NEC 13th to 17th June and we will be exhibiting the very latest hand held night vision and wildlife camera traps on Stand C127.With new models of camera trap recently launched from Spypoint and Bushnell, our stand will feature the latest models in innovative inf...[more]
New Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max 119477 Wildlife Camera Trap Has Arrived
The new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Max 119477 has now arrived into stock at www.scottcountry.co.uk ready for the official launch at the BBC Gardeners World Live Show, Stand C127. The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD 1080P 119466 has been one of our most popular cameras for over a year now, delivering stunning HD ...[more]
Shooting Sports Magazine Reviews the Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision Monocular and Day Scope Adaptor
Pete Wadeson from Shooting Sports Magazine puts the Pulsar Challenger Gen 1+ GS Hand Held Night Vision and Day Scope Adaptor to the test in this review in the latest issue of the magazine."Trust me for the price this is one hell of a unit and still the most affordable way to have an NV capability to...[more]
Extreme World Races use Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wildlife Camera.
Extreme World Races and the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wildlife cameras have many uses, whether you are monitoring a rare species of raptor in a nesting site such as a Peregrin, or Osprey, or filming badgers in your garden at night, these trail cameras can provide a fascinating insight into the nocturna...[more]
Spypoint Tiny W Wildlife Camera Product Review
The Spypoint Tiny W Wildlife Camera is the latest in the series of high performance trail cameras from Canadian manufacturer Spypoint.The first thing that strikes you about the Tiny W is its size, and then the fact it has an aerial protruding from it.Unlike any wildlife camera we have seen before th...[more]
Sporting Rifle Magazine put four of the top Wildlife Cameras to the test.
"Whether you need to keep an eye on your quarry or just enjoy watching wildlife, Sporting Rifle's Mike Powell has the low down on the technology to help you do it."Putting four of the UK's top wildlife cameras to the test Mike Powell from Sporting Rifle has tested the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, Spypoin...[more]
Extending the Night Vision Covert Illumination range of your Wildlife Camera
Wildlife Cameras and Infra Red Night VisionModern wildlife cameras use Infra Red LED illuminators to provide night vision when taking still images or video at night.This type of infra red works very well, and provides a reliable short range night vision illumination for these wildlife cameras, but w...[more]
MTC Optics Riflescopes have arrived at Scott Country
Finding a quality riflescope which will perform in almost all scenarios is not easy today, with a huge offering in terms of magnification, optics, and technical features. Also it is becoming increasingly popular to fit a night vision add-on device to your riflescope to convert your day scope into a ...[more]
Sporting Rifle magazine's Mike Powell puts four top Night Vision devices to the test.
Sporting Rifle Magazine's Mike Powell puts four of the top night vision devices on the market through their paces including the Pulsar Digisight N550, Archer, PS-22 and Longbow.The Pulsar Digisight N550 is a state of the art Digital Night Vision riflescope which is unique in that it does not contain...[more]
Pulsar Recon Digital Night Vision Monocular Hand Held Night Observation Device Buying Guide
Pulsar Night Vision is commonly associated with the market leading Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision scope, however Pulsar also manufacture a range of high performance hand held night vision monoculars and handheld night observation devices, ideal for hunting at night, wildlife observation ...[more]
Harkila Pro Hunter Clothing and Footwear: The Ultimate Clothing and Footwear for the Outdoor Professional.
Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket and TrousersThe original and still the best, the Harkila Pro Hunter Jacket and Trousers is the ultimate hunting suit developed and tested over many seasons, and is the best selling shooting suit at Scott Country.With Pro Hunter, Harkila offers a 5 Year Warranty which makes ...[more]
Laser Genetics new ND3x50 Sub Zero Laser Designator Night Vision system now available in UK.
Introducing the Laser Genetics ND-3x50 Subzero Cold Weather Long Distance Laser DesignatorThe Laser Genetics ND3x50 was launched in the UK to provide an alternative solution to night vision. By attaching the ND3x50 to a riflescope, binoculars, spotting scope, or even hand held use, you could illumin...[more]
The Perfect Winter Boots for the Worst Winter Weather
As temperatures start to drop, having the right boots for winter weather is crucial, particularly if you are working outdoors, or walking on slippery surfaces. Last winter saw Pac Boot and Winter boot manufacturers running out of stock, as demand completely overtook supply capa...[more]
Increasing the viewing range and the magnification of your Pulsar Digisight with a Doubler Kit.
The Pulsar Digisight revolutionised the night vision hunting market when it was first launched as it brought an affordable high performance night vision riflescope solution to the average hunter, in a market previously dominated by expensive Gen 2+ and Gen 3 devices.The Digisight N550 was radical in...[more]
Updating the Firmware on your Wildlife Camera or Night Vision Device
Like many technical electronic products, (such as your PC),  wildlife cameras, trail cameras and nature cameras, such as the Spypoint Wildlife Camera range, require regular software updates to ensure reliability and productivity.A software update can be applied if there is a bug or fault with a...[more]
Our guide to Wildlife Cameras and Trail Cameras
Wildlife Cameras and Trail CamerasA Spypoint Wildlife Camera, Bushnell Trophy Camera or Stealth Cam Trail camera is ideal for monitoring wildlife movements but they also have many other applications such as surveilllance, game scouting, and security applications. A Wildlife Camera trap can give a fa...[more]
Scott Country Demo Models. Technology You Can Try Before you Buy: Interested in a new Night Vision Device on Wildlife Trail Camera but would like to try one out before you commit?
Scott Country Demo Models: Technology You Can Try Before You Buy!With the advent of new night vision and trail camera technology, there has been a huge demand for new Digital Night Vision, Wildlife Trail Cameras and alternatives to Night Vision for hunting, wildlife research, security and surviellan...[more]
Using the Pulsar Reticle Manager Software to create and download your own N550 Digisight reticles.
Dowloading and Creating your own reticles for the Pulsar Digisight using the Pulsar Reticle Manager SoftwareThe new Reticle Manager Software from Pulsar allows you to download, create and upload new reticles to your Pulsar Digisight. Whether you require a single aim point for wildboar, or a mil-dot ...[more]
Choosing the Right Wildlife Camera - A Spypoint Wildlife Camera Comparison
Choosing the Right Wildlife CameraThere are so many makes and models of wildlife camera on the market today that it is difficult determining which is the right one for you.These wildlife cameras or nature cameras have become very popular and they provide a fascinating insight into the nocturnal move...[more]
Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Laser Kit
Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Riflescope Laser KitThe Pulsar Digisight N550 has taken the rifle hunting market by storm, providing users with a state of the art night scope with perform ance comparable with Gen 2+ at a fraction of the cost. Featuring an onboard Infra Red illuminator, ma...[more]
Laser Genetics ND3 x 50 Laser Designator Reviewed by Andy Johnson
Laser Genetics ND3 x50 Laser Designator On Test The ND-3 x50 Laser Designator is the latest precision optical lighting instrument from Laser Genetics using advanced green laser technology. Coming complete with scope mounts, the ND3 x 50 is mounted to your riflescope and adjusted to align with you...[more]
Laser Genetics ND3x50 on test by Gunmart Magazine
The Laser Genetics ND3 x50 Laser Designator is the latest precision optical lighting instruments from Laser Genetics which can be attached to a riflescope or binoculars and is ideal for hunting at night. This night vision device will illuminate a target when hunting up to 500 yards away.Usin...[more]
Harkila Arnsdale Jacket and Trousers Special Offer
Harkila Clothing Special Offers at Scott CountryHarkila Arnsdale Jacket And TrousersOften thought of as "the smart Pro Hunter", the Arnsdale shooting coat is a classic jacket from Harkila and is tailor made for the all round hunter who likes high quality and thoughtful features.This waterproof hunti...[more]
Pulsar Challenger GS DSA Night Vision Kit: Turn your day riflescope into a state of the art Gen Super Night Vision Riflescope
Turning your day riflescope into a true night vision sight with the Pulsar Challenger GS Night Vision Day/Night Vision KitThe Pulsar Challenger GS Day/Night Scope with DSA is a revolution in night vision offering a quality conversion between day scope and true night vision riflescope for under £300....[more]
Introducing the new Spypoint Pro X Plus Wildlife Camera
Introducing the Spypoint Pro X Plus Wildlife Trail CameraThe Spypoint Pro X game camera leads the way in wildlife trail cameras thanks to its 12 Mega Pixel sensor and state of the art technical features.The ideal remote camera for wildlife observation, as a surviellance security camera, or for monit...[more]
Pac Boots: The perfect Winter Boots, for less than perfect Winter weather.
Seeland Pac Winter BootsDuring winter it is essential to keep your feet warm and dry with a winter boot and this range of women and mens winter boots and Pac Boots from Seeland ensure that your feet remain insulated from the cold and protected from the elements with a combination of a waterproof upp...[more]
Download and View the new Harkila Clothing and Footwear Catalogue Online at Scott Country
The new Seeland and Harkila Clothing and Footwear Catalogue The new Seeland and Harkila clothing and footwear catalogue is bursting full of new jackets, trousers, boots and accessories.With the introduction of the new Harkila Footwear range, Harkila have taken the market by storm, with hunting boot ...[more]
Wildlife Trail Camera Trap used by the BBC to Capture Footage of the Elusive Bhutan Tiger
Using a Wildlife Trail Camera Trap to Capture Elusive SpeciesLast night was the last episode of the three part BBC Lost Land of the Tiger Natural History program which saw wildlife and natural history experts using Bushnell Wildlife Trail Camera Traps to capture camera trap footage of the elusive Bh...[more]
The Harkila Footwear Collection has arrived at Scott Country.
The new Harkila Footwear Collection has Arrived at Scott CountryWith Harkila Gore-Tex footwear you get top functionality with the best fit available due to specially developed lasts and technical features.Harkila Pro Hunter Boots are the flagship of the range with articles such as the Harkila Sporti...[more]
Introducing the new Spypoint IR-6 and IR-8 Wildlife Nature Camera
The New Spypoint IR-8 and IR-6 Wildlife Nature Camera The new IR-8 and IR-6 nature cameras from Spypoint now offer the fastest response time of all the companies offering trail cameras on the market. This ensures that whether you are using your Spypoint Nature camera for wildlife observation or for ...[more]
The Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Riflescope test review by Sporting Rifle.
The Pulsar Digisight N550 full review by Mike Powell of Sporting Rifle Magazine.If you are a keen rifle shooter then the Pulsar Digisight N550 Digital Night vision riflescope probably needs no introduction.Digital night vision devices such as the hand held Yukon Ranger and Yukon Ranger Pro, have led...[more]
The Spypoint IR/C Camera on test with Nigel Allen from Airgun Shooter magazine
Putting the Spypoint IR/C through its paces.Trail cameras have become an essential part of the stalkers kit, as they can provide you with data such as species and particular animals in the area, as well as providing you with invaluable data on the feeding habits, and movement times and patterns of w...[more]
Watching Wildlife in your Garden or Local Wood using a Wildlife camera or Bird camera
Watching wildlife in your garden can be one of the most rewarding pastimes you could encouter and it is there 24hrs of every day of the year. Whether its a trail camera, hand held video camera, bird camera or a garden wildlife camera, you can get some amazing images of wildlife in action. Trail ca...[more]
Watching Wildlife with the Yukon Ranger Digital Night Vision
Buy the Yukon Ranger or Ranger Pro Digital night vision at Scott Country. Introducing the Yukon Ranger and Ranger Pro Digital Monocular Yukon's Ranger and Ranger Pro are hand held night vision monoculars designed to permit viewing in complete darkness. Complete with a built in IR illuminator the Y...[more]
The Stealth Cam Prowler HD Camera from Scott Country: Our User Guide.
Stealth Cam Prowler HD Trail Camera, click here to buy online.Stealth Cam Prowler HD Trail CameraScouting game and wildlife with the Stealth Cam Prowler HD Digital Trail Camera has never been more advanced.Stealth Cam’s Prowler HD Digital Video Scouting Recorder with features full HD video footage r...[more]
Getting close to Wildlife: A Gear Guide to whats needed.
Getting Close to Wildlife Trail Cameras, Hunting Clothing, Camouflage, Stealth Gear and Wildlife cameras are all things we can use to help us get closer to nature.Hunters and Wildlife photographers in particular need to get closer to wildlife, whether it be a deerstalker stalking a red stag on a re...[more]
The Ultimate Camouflage Concealment Hunting Clothing from Harkila
The new Harkila Q Fleece features Gore's new Optifade cammo pattern, is this the ultimate in concealment? How does it work?When choosing the correct hunting clothing it is crucial that you consider clothing that will cover your scent, and break up your outline using the right colour of clothing, ...[more]
Just how close can you get to Wildlife when you wear the right clothing?
Getting close to nature with Stealth Gear Clothing If you are looking for Professional Outdoor Clothing that can exceed your expectations as a photographer, hunter or outdoor enthusiast then look no further than Stealth Gear. Stealth Gear products are carefully designed by professional phot...[more]
Trail Cameras feature on BBC's Countryfile
Wildlife Trail Cameras on Countryfile Stealth Cam Wildlife Camera footage captured by Wildlife Trust and Countryfile. Sunday evenings BBC Countryfile saw the North East Wildlife Trust using Stealth Cam wildlife trail cameras to capture fantastic footage of badgers, foxes and other wildlife. Ever...[more]
Zeroing the Pulsar N550 Digisight using the One Shot Zero function.
Zeroing the Pulsar Digisight N550 with live ammo using the One Shot Zeroing function.   Zeroing a traditional Night Vision (NV) Tube type riflescope. One of the many limitations of traditional tube NV devices is that you can only use the device in complete darkness, so zeroing before going o...[more]
Pulsar N550 Digisight reviewed in leading UK hunting magazine.
Pulsar Digisight N550 Reviewed in Gunmart Magazine The N550 Digisight has taken the market by storm, as it is the first true digital Nightvision riflescope that offers market leading performance comparable to Gen 2+ at a fraction of the price. With the N550 gone are the days of changing from day ...[more]
Scott Country launches Twitter with Graninge Sarva boots Giveaway!
Scott Country Launches Twitter with Graninge Sarva Giveaway! Enter our Twitter Competition to be in for a chance of winning a pair of these fantastic boots worth £190.00. Graninge have manufactured their Sarva adventure boots to the highest specification when it comes to functionality, fit, comfor...[more]
Spypoint Trail Camera New Features Update
Spypoint Trail Camera New Features Update Trail Cameras have become very popular for both gamekeepers and hunters as well as nature lovers. A trail camera allows you to capture video or still images on who or what is lurking around at night. Images at night are captured using the built in Infra ...[more]
Buyers Guide to Digital Night Vision
A Buyers Guide to Digital Night Vision Digital NV devices use a CCD sensor and digital image processing combined with Infra Red illuminators to provide crisp clear image reproduction at night, as well as during the day. Traditional tube NV devices are damaged by daylight, and therefore can only be...[more]
How to set up your Spypoint Trail Camera
Trail Cameras and their use. We sell Trail Cameras for many purposes from gamekeepers checking which predators are pinching their poults, to companies looking to keep an eye on who may be lurking around at night. We have even had Paranormal investigators buy our cameras, so that they can capt...[more]
The perfect footwear for less than perfect weather.
Feet are no different from the rest of your body and you achieve the best insulation by having several layers. This is why most of the Seeland winter boots feature a detachable internal boot. To ensure optimal fit and stability Seeland use only vulcanised natural rubber, which remains flexible even...[more]
The first few Pulsar N550 Digisights have arrived into stock!
First "onsite" test of the new Pulsar N550 Digisight We recieved a few from the first batch of the brand new Pulsar N550 Digisight today, and finally got the chance to put it through its paces in our large warehouse. Its been a long wait, but the N550's have finally started to come into stock, but...[more]
Spypoint Trail Camera Photo Gallery
Spy Point Photo Gallery Trail cameras are a fantastic tool for monitoring wildlife movements in your area. Whether you are a nature lover or a game keeper these devices can prove invaluable in determining the patterns of predators or species of interest. Spy Point IR/A 6Mp Camera    ...[more]
First Test: The New Pulsar Digisight N550
The Official launch of the Pulsar Digisight N550 We attended the official launch of the new Pulsar Digisight N550 digital nightvision riflescope at the Tackle and Guns trade show in Stoneleigh and put it through its paces in Pulsar's night vision black out tunnel. The Digisight arrival has been lo...[more]
Scott Country and UPS
                                                  UK Shipments use UPS Standard International Standard shipments use Standard or Express Saver A...[more]
Online Payment Security at Scott Country
Sage Pay and Payment Processing at Scott Country Q: Is the Sage Pay Online System Secure? A: Yes, Sage Pay's systems are regularly audited by Visa and Mastercard as one of the most secure sites in the UK (Information supplied by Sage Pay) Sage Pay collect card details via a 128-bit SSL secured ...[more]
The 2009 Seeland and Harkila Collection has arrived!
When you hear the story behind Harkila it will help you to understand its uncompromising quality. The label was founded in the great Swedish outdoors in the hands of Kjell Lennartsson, who besides being a skilled sportsman, also breeds and trains some of the best working dogs in Sweden. In the pas...[more]
New Pulsar Range of Optics
Pulsar OpticsExpert VM and VM Marine BinocularsThe Solid yet very light, glass filled plastic body shell safely encases the internal moving parts. Nitrogen filling prevents lenses from fogging. Designed as a waterproof, extra durable system, the Expert Binoculars comply with IPX7 standards of water ...[more]
Marine and Boating Products
Marine and Sailing Products EXO2 Stormwalker Jacket The EXO² Stormwalker heated jacket has an innovative and unique heat control system, which has been developed to satisfy the needs of professional motorcyclists. The jacket self regulates its temperature at an average of 50deg and heat panels ar...[more]