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Just how close can you get to Wildlife when you wear the right clothing?

Getting close to nature with Stealth Gear Clothing

If you are looking for Professional Outdoor Clothing that can exceed your expectations as a photographer, hunter or outdoor enthusiast then look no further than Stealth Gear.

Stealth Gear products are carefully designed by professional photographers, for professional photographers, ensuring that with Stealth Gear's added features and thought they produce quality items at affordable prices.

Stealth Gear manufacture a range of clothing which includes a jacket/vest (convertible to a waistcoat with zip off sleeves), waistcoat, trousers, gaiters, smock and a range of technical photography hides.

This range of clothing was originally designed for wildlife photographers but given the features, functionality, and style, many hunters have chosen Stealth Gear for the ultimate protection from the elements, comfort and usability when hunting in the great outdoors.

Stealth Gear clothing is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, with a 5Yr warranty and as the fabric is very quiet it is ideal for stalking.

Normally only achieved by camouflage gear the colour of the Stealth Gear range is designed to assist with breaking up your profile against the backdrop to help you blend into your surroundings.

How close can you get to Wildlife when wearing the Stealth Gear range.

Wildlife photographers often need to get close to their subjects particularly when photographing elusive animals such as otters, red squirrels and raptors.

Local photographer Keith Kirk uses Stealth Gear clothing, and recently had a close encounter with the rare red squirrel when lying in wait for a shot of a raptor.

Wearing the new Stealth Gear Photographers Jacket and Trousers 2, Keith literally had a red squirrel climbing over him as he lay still.

Normally Keith wears camouflage clothing when he needs to get close to wildlife, but has found that the Stealth Gear silent fabric and colour/style allows him to get up close and personal with wildlife, without feeling uncomfortable back in town wearing camouflage.

This means Keith can wear his Stealth Gear for work without looking like he is from the military, covered in head to toe in camouflage.

The Stealth Gear suit has plenty of pockets for essentials, meaning you don't need a bulky camera bag with you, simply put your lenses, memory cards and filters in the extensive pockets and you can crawl through wet scrub and woodland, in complete comfort.

Find out more about Keith Kirk's work and see his latest shots by visiting his Dumfries and Galloway Wildlife website.

Wearing Stealth Gear for hunting

The practicalities and design of the Stealth Gear range make it ideal for hunting and stalking.

Being completely weather proof the clothing can be worn in extreme conditions, and offer protection from the cold and rain.

As photographers often need to lie on damp ground to get the perfect shot, the Stealth Gear range is designed for crawling, which is also ideal when stalking or hunting as you often have to kneel on wet ground, or even crawl through scrubland to get to the target.

The Stealth Gear Jacket has a great fold down seat panel, which is ideal for sitting in a hide flighting in duck, or sat up in a high seat for extended periods of time.

Stealth Gear Photographers Trousers 2

Based on the original Extreme Photographers Trousers the Stealth Gear Photographers 2 trousers offer photographers high quality waterproof trousers with features designed to help aid them in operating and carrying their photography equipment. These photographers’ trousers are stylish and full of practical features for outdoor photographers from amateur to professional photographers.

The trousers feature many pockets including 4x accessory pockets which are ideal for carrying valuables, 1x dual CF memory card holder, 2x press stud small lens/accessory side pockets and 2x bellowed press stud accessory rear pockets.

We have also added 2x accessory loops to the side of these trousers that will allow you to attach lens pouches etc. These photographer's trousers also feature removable internal gaiters that will stop any unwanted wind and leaves etc travelling up your legs.

The outer shell is 100% polyester micro suede, DuPont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains with TPU lamination in more than 8033mm waterproofing and 5826g/m2/24hrs breathability. Although these feature packed trousers have been designed with the photographer in mind, because they are so versatile they are suitable for all activities in all weather conditions.

The Stealth Gear Photographers Trousers 2 feature removable knee pads for kneeling on rough ground, and an extendable built in gaiter, which can be used to completely storm seal you from the elements. Ideal for rough or driven shooting when walking through wet grass, or going over your boots in a bog.

Visit our website for further information on the new Stealth Gear Photographers Trousers 2.

Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Jacket/Vest

Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Jacket Vest is truly an all year round photography garment. This photographer’s jacket vest takes great features from the original Jacket and Vest and combines them into one all year round photography jacket. Due to the great customer feedback Stealth Gear have experienced with the Extreme photographers jacket and Extreme Photographers Vest they have added some new and exciting features that will help you carry your photography equipment and accessories.

The jacket features many pockets including two expandable lens pockets (now floating pockets to allow backpack waist straps to go behind the pockets and have removable anti-shock padding), the arms now zip off to turn into a summer vest, new padding added to shoulders with anti-slip camera strap grips on both sides, two way zippers added for ventilation and crouching, detachable wired peak hood, detachable light shade hood and insect repellent mesh face net.

The jacket comes with a large rear pocket, comfort mesh lining, under-arm vents and zipped side panels to allow easy movement. The outer shell is 100% polyester micro suede, DuPont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains with TPU lamination in more than 8033mm waterproofing and 5826g/m2/24hrs breathability.

The Extreme Photographers Jacket/Vest features built in padding on the elbows and shoulders also, ideal for laying up in a hide, or crawling on a remote moor when stalking.

Keith Kirk commented that when he first wore the jacket he felt the padding was slightly bulky but was impressed that after the first time wearing the suit, the padding moulded to his body and made an impressive and very comfortable fit.

Visit our website for further information on the new Stealth Gear Photographers Jacket/Vest

Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Suit Special Offer

The Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Suit comes in four main parts, Extreme Photographers Jacket, Extreme Photographers Detachable Fleece, Extreme Photographers Trousers and Extreme Photographers Photo Vest.

Accessories included Extreme All Weather Hood, Extreme Extra Long Hood and the anti midge face net.

This Extreme Outdoor Photography Suit is ideal for wildlife photographers that have to get down low to capture subjects. Amateur wildlife photographers will quickly realise how important it is to have the right clothing for wildlife photography.

Designed by photographers for photographers who require high performance, ultra tough yet very durable clothing for daily year-round use in the great outdoors. We are confident in our products and test our fabrics in laboratories and in extreme outdoor environments.

All four items carry a 5 Year warranty against fabric failure. Using advanced waterproof and breathable, hard-wearing and reinforced fabrics, the Stealth Gear Extreme photographer’s suit is packed with practical photography features. If you are looking for dedicated outdoor photography clothing for everyday use in the great outdoors, look no further than the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Suit.

Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers Suit £329.00

Special Offer ONLY £259.00

Visit our website for further information on the Stealth Gear Extreme Photographers suit special offer.