Watching Wildlife in your Garden or Local Wood using a Wildlife camera or Bird camera

Watching wildlife in your garden can be one of the most rewarding pastimes you could encounter and it is there 24hrs of every day of the year.

Whether its a trail camera, hand held video camera, bird camera or a garden wildlife camera, you can get some amazing images of wildlife in action.

Trail cameras have become very popular but using a wildlife camera, or bird camera to view wildlife in your garden is the ultimate way of getting close to nature.

These wildlife cameras can be positioned in bird boxes, bird feeders and also ground mounted to capture footage of mammals such as foxes, otters and badgers.

TV programs such as Springwatch and Countryfile regularly employ this technology to provide viewers with round the clock footage of wildlife and birds nesting in the area.

It is wonderful to view a bird first encountering the box, to building a nest, to hatching their young and feeding them up through the summer.

 Wildlife watching will give you and your family countless hours of enjoyment and fascination and there is nothing better than first seeing a bird visiting your bird box.

Lots of people are starting to use video cameras more and more in their gardens. BBC Countryfile recently featured a nature trust using the Wildgame Innovations Vision 12 Lightsout Wildlife Camera to capture footage of otters and badgers in the wild, and these trail cameras are used worldwide now for monitoring wildlife movements, whether it be on a deer stalking estate, or a raptors nest.

The High Resolution Wildgame Innovations Cloak Pro 10  is used by professionals such as the BBC, and BBC wildlife magazine and is the perfect kit to attract breeding birds to your garden.

This Camera will last on the trail for up to 1 year without having to change the batteries and it will also take high quality colour images during the day and black and white pictures at night.

It also is completely covert and so any animal or person won’t notice it during the day or night.

The Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20MP Wildlife Camera is currently one of the best wildlife cameras on the market. As it can take 20MP images during the day and night and will also take 1080p Videos during the day in colour and in black and white at night. The Silent Crush 20 has two separate lenses so that there is no shutter sound when changing from day to night but also so that the image does not lose quality.

All of the New range of Wildgame Innovations Cameras can be used in virtually any location and are the perfect solution for use as a trail camera, capturing footage of nocturnal animals such as badgers, foxes etc

They can also be mounted in kennels, stables, bird nest areas and outbuildings to keep an eye on livestock, equipment or endangered species 

Mount one of these cameras in your garden and at night you can watch the coming and goings of badgers and otters, and see these species up close and personal, where you would never get anywhere near as close in person.

The infrared nightvision facility on some cameras allow you to view in complete darkness, without the animal ever knowing its on camera.