Increasing the viewing range and the magnification of your Pulsar Digisight with a Doubler Kit.

The Pulsar Digisight revolutionised the night vision hunting market when it was first launched as it brought an affordable high performance night vision riflescope solution to the average hunter, in a market previously dominated by expensive Gen 2+ and Gen 3 devices.

Dr Bob's Doubler kits are no longer made or sold at Scott Country International !

With the introdution of the Digisight Ultra N250 and the current Digisight N970 there is no need for a Doubler as they already get enough magnifiaction and detection range due to the advanced technolgy inside of them. They both can easily spot a fox out too 300m and the magniafication on the Digisight Ultra goes up 40x and so their would no need for a doubler

More inforation

The Digisight N550 was radical in that it was the first true night scope which could be used during the day and then at night, where previously hunters would have to switch between day and night scopes, with a time consuming re-zero between each swap over.

With a viewing range of up to 400meters, and innovative features such as One Shot Zero, Multiple Reticle Selection, Reticle Creation and Upload facility, and variable infrared illumination, the Pulsar Digisight N550 has become a sure fire hit with hunters, keepers, air rifle shooters and vermin control experts alike.

However with a magnification of 4.5x the Digisight has been crying out for a Doubler Kit to increase magnification and therefore the viewing range of the device.

Introducing the Dr Bob Lens Conversion Kit

Although not strictly a Pulsar Doubler Kit, as the lens used is 1.7x and not 2x, the Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit was the answer to increasing magnification and the viewing range of the device.

Scott Country and Dr Bob collaborated over the design and production of the first Pulsar Digisight Doubler Kit, and the Dr Bob Lens Conversion Kit was born.

Forum users across the UK had played around with doubler kit design, and had used camcorder lenses to achieve a greater magnification, and although some success was found, clarity and image quality was far from ideal. (see our Doubler Kit comparison further down this page)

The main issue being is that camcorder lens convertors are designed for camcorders and recording during the day, and not therefore designed for "swallowing up" light in low light conditions.

Scott Country and Dr Bob tested several of these lens convertors, but decided on a very specific lens unit, designed for night vision use on Gen 2 + Night Vision Devices.

These devices require lens units which allow high capacity light transfer and light gathering in very low light conditions, therefore ideal for our application.

What is included in the kit and how does it work?

The Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit comes packaged in a smart box, and includes the following

Pulsar 1.7x Lens Convertor (designed for Gen 2+ Devices)

Dr Bob Lens Adaptor with Convertor Ring

Neoprene Lens Pouch

Hex Key

Detailed fitting instructions

Download a copy of our Instruction Manual (PDF) for full fitting details.

This kit has a 1.7x lens convertor, so increases the Digisight magnification from 4.5x to 7.65x, allowing greater magnification and clearer imaging over longer distances.

As an additional bonus, the Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit actually improves image clarity and crispness making a blurry target you are using for zeroing so sharp that you can see the target zones for the first time.

Find out more about the Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit on our website.

Lens Comparison between commonly seen home-made camcorder lens convertors, and the Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit for the Digisight.

Some members of online community forums have built their own doubler kits using cheaper camcorder lenses, so we decided to run a comparison on the Dr Bob lens kit, and the commonly used camcorder lens kit for the Digisight, to show the difference in quality.

We set up a Pulsar Digisight in our office looking out of an open window into our barn with two targets set up, one being a traditional field target and the other a rabbit silhouette target.

We then filmed the footage of the Digisight using the 1.7x Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit, then with a DIY 2 x Camcorder lens conversion kit, which the online community of gun forum users have often been trialling.

Both times we focused the Digisight to give the clearest picture possible and filmed the results from the same location, with only a couple of minutes in between filming when attaching and then refocusing.

A good reference point is the eye of the rabbit, which is barely visible in the second video.

What Customers Are Saying about the Dr Bob Lens Conversion Kit

i put the dr. bob lens adaptor put on the pulsar last week, it only took ten mins to put on and well worth the money, and it has changed the clarity 200 per cent, i can see rabbits out to 500 yards with 170 light and ir filter. my mate has got a £5000 ad on scope and he cant see as far. great piece of kit, it well done Scott country ten out of ten.

pete britton, 19/07/2011

doubler kit arrived well packaged with clear concise instructions. The lens chassy itself was easy to fit, and as stated just nip up the 3 securing screws a little at a time, to secure lens in front of digiscope. The difference the lens makes is remarkable, it is now so much easier to zero and there is no apparent loss of picture quality. All in all an excellent addition to an excellent sight.

jon finlayson, 18/07/2011

only had the pulsar for a month and thought it was brilliant until i fitted the doubler now it really is brilliant easy to fit and well worth the money the delivery was 1st class as well

Andy hurdle, 16/07/2011

Received the lens doubler kit yesterday.An excellent service yet again by all at Scott country.Easy to fit and and the lens makes a big difference to the digisight"s capability.At the moment I am well pleased,thanks very much

keith cole 09/07/2011

Thank you to Boundary Farms for their part in the early development of the Dr Bob Lens Conversion kit.