1. Is the new Wicked Hunting Light the best lamp yet - Graham Allen from Gunmart finds out
  2. FLIR Spark Core Dual NVG Set Up Review by Corey
  3. FLIR Image Intensifier Tube Types and the difference between SD, ID, HD and Quicksilver.
  4. Mark Ripley tests a brilliant little NV Add On in this months Rifle Shooter
  5. Wicked Lights - Rifle Shooters Mark Ripley puts this new kit through it's paces
  6. Wicked Performance - Airgun World reviews the new Wicked Hunting Lights
  7. Pursuing the Predator - With something a little bit special - Countrymans Weekly Wicked Lights review.
  8. FLIR Scout TK  Field test and review
  9. Phill Price from Airgunner Magazine reviews the Pulsar Helion XQ19F
  10. Unwelcome Visitors- Foxing with Mark Ripley.
  11. Introducing EOTech at Scott Country International
  12. On the hunt for Hogs with Mark Ripley

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